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How does autumn come chronic rhinitis aggravate suddenly to do?

According to clinical statistics, patients with chronic rhinitis usually have a common complaint when they see a doctor, that is, chronic rhinitis occurs frequently and gets worse in autumn and winter every year. How is this to return a responsibility after all? Chronic rhinitis autumn winter aggravates how to do?

The blood vessels in the nasal mucosa of patients with chronic rhinitis are usually dilated for a long time. There are inflammatory cell infiltration mainly composed of lymphocytes and plasma cells around the blood vessels and glands, venous and lymphatic circulation disorders, mucosal edema, or hypertrophy due to fibrous tissue hyperplasia, epithelial cilia fall off, and normal physiological function of nasal mucosa is reduced.

If the environment is warm and humid, it can improve the blood circulation of nasal mucosa, protect the epithelial cilia of mucosa, and reduce the burden of nasal mucosa. Therefore, in the warm spring and summer, patients with chronic rhinitis will feel very comfortable.

In autumn and winter, due to the cold climate and relatively dry autumn, the blood circulation of nasal mucosa is obstructed. The blood vessels first spasm and contract, and then expand, and the mucosal tissue becomes more swollen and hypertrophic. The epithelial ciliated cells of nasal mucosa fall off, and the secretion of glands increases. As a result, the patients feel the aggravation and persistence of nasal congestion, the increase of nasal mucus, and the further decline of smell.

In addition, rhinovirus is easy to spread in cold season, coronavirus is also common in winter, these two viruses are the main pathogenic viruses of rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis is more susceptible to the infection of these two viruses when the function of nasal mucosa is decreased, leading to repeated acute attack of chronic rhinitis, thus aggravating the disease.

Based on the above reasons, most patients with chronic rhinitis have the experience of aggravating in autumn and winter, and these two seasons are the most uncomfortable seasons for patients with chronic rhinitis.

How to prevent and treat chronic rhinitis? Chronic rhinitis is often caused by repeated attacks of acute rhinitis or incomplete treatment. It has a long onset time and is characterized by repeated attacks and gradual aggravation, so it is called chronic rhinitis. Therefore, as long as the above causes, symptomatic treatment, and do the following, chronic rhinitis can be cured.

1. Should be timely and thorough treatment of acute rhinitis.

2. Timely treatment of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and other nasal inflammation.

3. Pay attention to the sanitation of working and living environment, and prevent the air pollution of working environment.

4. Solve the damage of dry air, dust and irritant gas to nasal cavity.

5. Usually pay attention to exercise, enhance the body's resistance.

6. Prevent colds.

7. Strengthen nutrition.

8. Abstain from alcohol and tobacco.

9. In the treatment, we should listen to experts' opinions, cooperate actively and persevere.

After reading the above content, we should know something about how to deal with the sudden aggravation of chronic rhinitis in autumn. More topics about chronic rhinitis will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!