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How should autumn darling skin allergy prevent and recuperate?

Autumn baby skin allergy should be how to prevent and conditioning? Autumn, the baby's skin began to dry up obviously, the baby every day habitually grasp, is very painful, why the baby every season will be allergic?

Doctor's response:

At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn every year, skin allergy becomes the predisposing disease of some children with allergic constitution. At the same time, besides obvious symptoms in spring, children with pollinosis may also have paroxysmal sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, itchy eyes, itchy ears, itchy throat, itchy trachea and other symptoms in autumn.

Cool autumn, dry air may also lead to dry baby's skin, due to dust mites, cold air, mold and other reasons suffering from allergic dermatitis, eczema. This season, if the baby itself is allergic constitution, parents should not let the child cool, in food control, reduce the intake of allergens, if the child suffers from allergies, parents should take the child to the regular hospital in time to see a doctor, follow the doctor's advice.

Skin allergy symptoms in autumn

Infancy: first dry, red and peeling cheek skin, and then extended to the face, neck, wrists, hands, abdomen and limbs. Pruritus leads to restlessness and difficulty in falling asleep.

Childhood (2-12 years old): children with limb flexion side dermatitis, including elbow, armpit, neck, wrist and ankle, and scratching may also lead to secondary bacterial or viral infection.

Seven measures to prevent allergy in autumn

Dust mite battle

Dust mite is one of the main culprits of baby allergy. It is suggested that baby bedding should be cleaned and sterilized at a high temperature above 70 ℃ and exposed to the sun regularly. It is also suggested that anti mite bedding should be used, or mattresses, pillows and quilts should be wrapped with anti mite covers. Carpets, filled furniture and filled toys should not be used. Indoor humidity should be controlled below 50% to control the growth of dust mite and mold;

2. Clean your home

Mold is easy to grow in high temperature and humid environment, such as bathroom and basement. The use of dehumidifier and air filter, and regular replacement of filter screen can reduce the exposure of mold and pollen;

Avoid the factors that stimulate respiratory tract

Do not let the baby touch too much pungent smell or air, such as car exhaust emissions, paint, perfume, smoke, barbecue flavor, etc., if you want to go out, it is recommended to wear a mask for the baby temporarily.

4 exercise

Parents can not worry about allergies and keep their baby at home all day. To fight allergies, in the final analysis, the baby needs to improve its own immunity and resistance. Therefore, every day should help the baby arrange some physical activities of the game, or to the air fresh place to do exercise, this will promote the metabolism of the body, let the baby more healthy.

5. Breast feeding

To prevent allergies, drinking breast milk is one of the best ways to prevent, because breast milk contains a variety of antibodies, can effectively enhance the baby's resistance. Therefore, after the baby is born, it is recommended that it is best to breastfeed for more than 6 months, which can significantly reduce the incidence of allergy. It is suggested that the time to add complementary food to the baby should be delayed to 6 months after birth.

6. Eat less allergic food

When making complementary food for your baby, it's best to choose fresh ingredients of the season to avoid seafood, nuts and other foods that are easy to cause allergies. Lactating mothers should also be appropriate diet.

7 skin moisturizing

In the autumn and winter, the bath temperature should not be too high, reduce excessive bathing and avoid using irritating soap, and after bathing, do a good job of body moisturizing. It can help your baby to apply moisturizing lotion. Also, when you go out, don't forget to strengthen the maintenance of baby's face, to avoid cold wind blowing on the face for a long time. As long as the baby feels dry skin, you can wipe moisturizing products for the baby at any time.

Experts suggest that:

Parents should help allergic children find out allergens and avoid contact with allergens. If children have skin allergy, should be timely medication, oral and external use at the same time, can quickly relieve skin itching.

During the acute episode of allergic diseases, doctors usually choose antihistamine, anti-inflammatory or symptomatic drugs, some of which may contain steroids. Doctors will pay special attention to the baby's physical condition and the required dosage when using them, and usually will not let the baby use them for a long time. Therefore, if only in the acute phase of the disease medication, parents do not need to worry about side effects, even if there is doubt about the medication, you can also directly discuss with the doctor, do not dare to see a doctor or stop the drug without authorization because of worry, it will make the baby suffer from hypersensitivity for a long time.