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Can diabetic mothers breast feed their babies?

Can diabetes be contagious? Can diabetic mothers breast feed their babies? Can mothers breast feed their babies with diabetes? Let's take a look at specific cases.

Q: I have been pregnant for six months. Because I have type 2 diabetes, I use insulin to control my blood sugar every day. At present, my blood sugar index is well controlled and there is no abnormality. What I am worried about is whether I can breast feed my baby after delivery and how to use medicine during breast-feeding?

A: in general, mothers who can give birth can breastfeed, and patients with diabetes are no exception. Although the blood sugar of diabetic patients is not stable, the sweetness of their milk is not enough to lead to diabetes, so do not easily stop breastfeeding. Using insulin to control diabetes will not affect normal breast-feeding, because the molecular weight of insulin is large. After children eat breast milk containing insulin, insulin will be destroyed in the digestive tract and not easily absorbed, so it will not affect the quality of milk. Therefore, you can breastfeed your baby. If you usually take oral hypoglycemic drugs, you should pay attention to it during lactation, because sulfonylureas may lead to the proliferation of pancreatic islet beta cells in children, making children prone to hypoglycemia; sulfonylureas may also affect the development of children.

Therefore, it is not recommended that lactating mothers take oral hypoglycemic drugs. It is better to choose regular artificial insulin instead of animal insulin, and insulin analogues are not recommended. In addition, in order to reduce the incidence of hypoglycemia, lactating mothers should eat carbohydrates regularly and quantitatively, and eat an appropriate amount before feeding, which is helpful to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.