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Why does baby eat powdered milk lead to dry stool?

Why does baby eat milk powder lead to dry stool? The most important things in baby growth are eating, drinking, pulling and scattering. If the baby can't eat well, the mother is worried; if the baby can't pull well, the mother can't sleep well.

Q: My baby is more than 1 month old, because my breast milk has been very little, not long ago began to add formula to him. But I don't know why, since feeding the milk powder, his stool suddenly became very dry.

A: The reasons for baby's dry stool after adding formula milk powder may be as follows.

&80% of formula milk powder is based on milk, and milk protein is not as digestible as breast milk protein.

&Some formulas are unreasonable and contain a large proportion of casein, which is difficult to digest; or although the ratio of whey protein to casein is 60:40 as that of breast milk, the content of lactoglobulin in whey protein is high, but there is no lactoglobulin in breast milk, which is easy to cause children's stool drying or sensitization; The content of calcium in general formula milk powder is high, while the content of saturated fatty acid in some formula milk powder is high. Saturated fatty acid is easy to form saponification block with calcium under the action of gastric acid, causing stool drying.

&Some mothers give their babies too much iron, iron and hydrogen sulfide in the intestines combine to form iron sulfide, which reduces the stimulation of hydrogen sulfide on the intestinal wall and weakens the intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, iron sulfide has a astringent effect on the intestinal wall and is easy to cause constipation.

&Some mothers put calcium in milk for convenience or supplement calcium to their children during the process of feeding. In this way, not only calcium can not be absorbed, milk protein is not easy to digest, but also can cause children's stool dry.

To deal with this situation, mother can try the following methods:

&First, choose the formula milk powder with reasonable formula. When purchasing milk powder, carefully watch the ingredients list, do not choose formula milk powder with high casein content and saturated fatty acids. When preparing milk powder, pay attention to the preparation in accordance with the instructions, and do not exceed the concentration.

&Milk should be fed with boiled water between two meals, and the baby can drink vegetable water after 2 months. After 4 months, when the baby has been able to eat mud like food or solid food, add fruit puree, vegetable puree, broken vegetables and other large particles of food to the baby on time. The baby over 1 year old can appropriately add coarse grains to supplement the intake of crude fiber.

&Develop the habit of defecating regularly. The baby can defecate regularly; after sitting, the baby can gradually practice sitting basin to establish normal defecation reflex as soon as possible.

&Reasonable addition of calcium and iron.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of why baby's milk powder causes dry stool. More topics about digestive health will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!