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Can you still eat coarse grain and coarse fiber food if you have stones in your body

It can be supplemented with crude fiber and coarse grains

1. Stones are related to many factors, such as less drinking water, excessive nutrition, less activity, mental factors and so on. Eat less protein and less sodium. You can drink more water while eating some fruits and vegetables every day to increase the intake of multi vitamins and reduce the intake of animal fat.

2. According to the study, people who eat more fat are more likely to get stones than those who eat more vegetarians. Friends with stones should pay more attention to the combination of thickness. They should not eat coarse fiber, coarse grains, vegetables and fruits. Long term consumption of meat and vegetables is more likely to lead to the lack of dietary fiber and increase the risk of stones.

in order to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, we can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, or directly take water-soluble dietary fiber stachyose and other prebiotics to provide nutrition and promote the growth and reproduction of intestinal probiotics. If you often visit xiaohongshu, you must notice that many people recommend adding zangling shuisu sugar to your daily diet. A good flora environment will make your digestion smooth. You can have a try.