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Is eating more meat easy to cause intestinal flora imbalance

Eat meat in moderation, more vegetables and less meat is recommended

1. Intestinal flora imbalance is less good bacteria, more bad bacteria, leading to the prevalence of harmful bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal environment, affecting gastrointestinal peristalsis, digestion and metabolism. In order to maintain the normal level of intestinal flora, we need to know what kind of diet probiotics like. Probiotics are food rich in dietary fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, algae, mushrooms and so on.

2. Eating more meat is not good for intestinal flora, because there are a lot of saturated fatty acids in meat, which can become the inducement of inflammation. Eating more meat is difficult to digest metabolites, which is also a kind of pathogenic bacteria. Harmful bacteria are easy to use and ferment, the intestinal environment is gradually destroyed, and the number of good bacteria responsible for intestinal immune barrier is gradually decreasing. In this way, the intake of nutrients is more balanced, which is more conducive to the normal level of flora.

in order to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, we can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, or directly take water-soluble dietary fiber stachyose and other prebiotics to provide nutrition and promote the growth and reproduction of intestinal probiotics. With the addition of zangling stachyose in our daily diet, our digestion is smooth and our digestion is easy.