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Is maltose still useful in boiling water

It can be made with boiling water

1. Maltose in wheat and glutinous rice, processing, maltose is reflected in many foods. Maltose is commonly found in jellies, solid drinks, fruit juices and canned foods. It has both the taste of sugar and the edible value of invigorating spleen and Qi.

2. Maltose has excellent thermal stability, which means boiling water does not affect its composition. High temperature resistance 120, will not decompose. Maltose is not only heat-resistant but also acid resistant, so the stability of the additive is also very good. Maltose can be used in cooking or as a substitute for sugar in diet therapy, but it should not be eaten too much to avoid abdominal distension.

The friend with bad stomach, usually develop good eating habits, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, to supplement dietary fiber. Regular consumption of probiotics can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget that the excellent performance of probiotics family also includes stachyose, a water-soluble dietary fiber. We often see the Chuangling stachyose recommended by friends on the Internet, which can be used for daily drinking. Maintaining a good microbial environment makes us easy to digest and defecate.