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Where is Shanxi to enjoy the red leaves? Eight scenic spots of enjoying red leaves in Shanxi

Autumn, always sentimental, walking in the mountains, feeling the natural and unrestrained autumn wind, occasionally look up, see that a touch of beautiful red, then suddenly feel the tenderness and warmth, red leaves decorate the autumn, the autumn sadness away. So, where is Shanxi to enjoy the red leaves?

Juiweishan, Taiyuan

Juiwei mountain, located in Taiyuan, has beautiful autumn scenery, suitable climate and not so cold. Every autumn, there are many people here to take photos and enjoy the scenery!

The maple leaf landscape here is remarkable, and it is also known as "Xiaoxiang mountain". In the scenic area, the red leaves all over the mountain are dazzling. Stop and watch this beautiful autumn picture! Don't miss the horiwei mountain this autumn!


835, 12 get off at horiweishan

admission ticket

Mount horiwei is free, and the admission fee of Duofu temple is 20 yuan. Parking costs ten yuan

Opening Hours

08:30-17:30 (peak season) (Monday Sunday, April 01-october 31)

09:00-17:00 (off season) (November 01 - March 31, next year, Monday - Sunday)

Luya Mountain, Xinzhou City

Luya Mountain, located in Xinzhou City, is a place rich in tourism resources. It has national geoparks, forest parks, nature reserves, Water Conservancy Scenic Spots and Chinese folk culture tourism demonstration areas. The scenery is beautiful and changes step by step!

And in autumn, the scenery here is even more beautiful. Between Luya Mountain and Wannian ice cave, there is a dense area growing here. Every autumn, it is colorful and beautiful!


Xinwu line, Ningwu County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province

North Wudang Mountain, Luliang City

This landscape is a famous scenic spot in Shanxi Province, with rich scenery and convenient transportation, so many friends like to come here to enjoy the scenery, especially the autumn here, which is the most charming!

There are many maple trees planted here. When you come here in autumn, you can enjoy the red leaf landscape of the mountain. Even the path is covered with red leaves, creaking and creaking, breaking the silence of autumn!

admission ticket

seventy-two yuan

Opening Hours



Beiwudang Town, Fangshan County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province

Mianshan, Jinzhong City

Mianshan, with a relative height of more than 1000 meters, has a relatively high altitude, continuous and steep mountains, and because of this, the temperature difference between day and night here is also relatively large, so you should pay attention to it when you come here!

In addition, in autumn, the mountains are decorated with red leaves. After climbing, the clouds and fog are even more diffuse here. The red leaves are looming and the scenery is sprouting. It is like a sunset blocked by gauze, full of poetic charm!


Bus: take No.302 to Mianshan, there will be one at every hour, and the last bus will come back at 17:00

admission ticket

Peak season: ticket 110 yuan / tour bus 50 yuan (Monday to Sunday, April 01 to October 31)

Off season: ticket 90 yuan / tour bus 50 yuan (November 01 - next year March 31, Monday - Sunday)

Opening Hours

08:00-19:30 (Monday Sunday, April 01-october 31)

08:30-18:00 (November 01 - March 31, next year, Monday - Sunday)

Cuifeng mountain, Yangquan City

This landscape, located in the southwest of the suburb of Yangquan City, covers an area of 13 square kilometers. The autumn scenery is pleasant, and it's very good!

As early as October, the red leaves here have already begun to turn red, and now it's November. All kinds of red leaf trees here are gorgeous, and the scenic area has been dyed by layers of forest. It's very romantic!

Yunqiu mountain, Linfen City

Yunqiu mountain, located in Guanwang temple, is currently the largest red leaf viewing area in North China. The scenery here is also very good. In autumn every year, red leaf trees begin to decorate every corner of the scenic area, making the whole scenic area full of mountains and forests!


Yunqiu mountain scenic spot, guanwangmiao Township, Xiangning County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province

Changzhi Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon

It seems that you can touch the colorful scenery of Taishan when you walk in October!

admission ticket

Ordinary ticket: 140 yuan

Tickets for baquan gorge, Hongdou gorge, Qinglong gorge, Heilongtan and Ziduan mountain are included. The tickets are valid for three days

Opening Hours



Qiaoshang Xiang Taihang Mountain, Huguan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province

Wulaofeng, Yuncheng City

Wulaofeng, located in Yongji, Shanxi Province, is a famous tourist attraction in Shanxi Province. The red leaf landscape here is the most famous. Every October to November is the best time to enjoy the red leaves here. Don't miss it!

At that time, all kinds of trees will be interspersed here, and the mountains and forests will block out the sky and the sun. The environment will be beautiful. Yellow, red and green are intertwined with each other. People can't help but stop and enjoy it. I believe you will like it here!

Opening Hours

08:40-17:00; closing time: 15:00


Thirteen kilometers east of Yongji City, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province

The autumn wind will bring autumn and take it away. The vigorous green is the passer-by of autumn wind. In fact, it's not negative or negative. It's just the helplessness of time. In the end, each has its own track. An occasional meeting is also a kind of fate!