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How about a trip to Tibet in winter? List of necessary items to take to Tibet

Tibet is a very mysterious place. It is the highest altitude area in the world. It is known as the roof of the world. Traveling to Tibet needs to face a series of plateau reactions and suitable climate environment, which is not affordable for ordinary people. So, is it fun to travel to Tibet in winter?

What is the most suitable means of transportation to Tibet in winter?

1. Going to Tibet by train is one of the means of transportation most people choose. On the train, you can enjoy the magnificent Qinghai Tibet railway, the highest and longest plateau railway in the world.

2. The plane is fast, and the off-season discount is much better than usual. However, when tourists first go to the plateau area, the altitude of the plane suddenly rises more than 3000 meters in an hour and a half, which makes them prone to altitude reaction.

Must bring items to Tibet

1. Anti hyperreflexive drugs. Can take some Rhodiola, Ibuprofen Sustained Release Capsules to alleviate altitude reaction, and it's better to take some vitamins, because the fruits in Tibet are very expensive.

2, water cup, lip balm, mask. It is necessary to replenish water in time and pay attention to the dry weather in Tibet. The wind is dry and cold. It is recommended to protect your lips.

3. Mountaineering shoes, suitable clothing. When you go to Tibet, whether it's cold winter or hot summer, you must prepare cotton padded clothes and anti ultraviolet clothes. The ultraviolet rays are very strong and easy to tan. In addition, Tibet tourism walk more, it is recommended to choose a pair of shoes suitable for sports.

4. Sunscreen. Such as sunscreen, sunglasses, sunglasses, sun hat, etc.

5. Mobile power. Travel photo, if the mobile phone is out of power, it will be very embarrassing. What are the advantages of traveling to Tibet in winter?

What are the advantages of traveling to Tibet in winter?

1. In winter, Tibet has a clear sky. It's sunny all the time. The sun is very comfortable and the body temperature is not low.

2. In addition to the Temple scenic spots, the state-owned 3A level (including 3A level) and above scenic spots are free of charge, and the tickets for state-owned 3A level and below and non-state-owned A-level scenic spots are halved on the basis of off-season prices.

Discount time: October 15, 2019 - March 15, 2020

3. In winter, Tibet is open to tourists: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, basongcuo, giant cypress, Ranwu lake, yangzhuoyongcuo, Yangbajing, Changzhu temple, Mount Everest, etc. (usually you can only see Mount Everest from a distance in the base camp, and you can walk to the foot of Rongbu glacier in winter to see Mount Everest from a short distance, of course, if you are not strong enough, don't do it).