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Where should the people of Mogan live? How much for a night?

We have to say that Mogan mountain is really a treasure house. We can climb mountains in spring, stay in summer, see the autumn scenery in autumn, enjoy the bamboo forest and snow in winter. All year round, it brings us different surprises. Where is the best place to stay? Where is the best place to stay in a hot spring?

Moganshan B & B is a difficult choice for many tourists. We all hope to get a good accommodation environment and experience. Especially in winter, choosing a B & B with hot spring must be the best choice. The following strongly recommends a well-known Japanese Wenquan B & B hotel.

Mogan bamboo Pavilion hot spring villa, without going to Japan, can also enjoy the most authentic Japanese style hot spring experience. The weather is getting colder, and it's time to soak in hot spring for health preservation.

Accommodation experience:

This time I came to Mogan mountain and found a treasure B & B, the pure Japanese style Tangquan B & B, hidden in the forest of Mogan mountain. It's a Machiya style antique building, but it's perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. It seems that the first time I saw it, I imagined that in the depths of the snowy bamboo forest, I was soaking in the steaming hot spring, and I had a snowflake on my hand. It was so romantic.

The B & B is not big, but it's exquisitely arranged. A big chinchilla stands in a small Japanese courtyard full of Zen. It's hard to put it down. There's an illusion of being in the caricature of Hayao Miyazaki. After entering the room, I put on a pair of flip flops. It's as warm as when I came home. The room looks very clean. As soon as I enter the room, I seem to smell the faint fragrance of wood. It's very nice.

Their outdoor Fenglv must try! Let you feel the pure Japanese experience of Tangquan. Fenglv is naked soup, which is divided into male soup and female soup. Before making soup, the staff will explain the tips of Japanese style soup to the guests. B & B will prepare bathrobes for every guest. You can choose your favorite colors and colors. You can take Japanese style photo blockbusters in the B & B corridor or hall.

We live in a tatami suite with a hot spring pool in Hefeng, which is the Japanese style in our imagination. I believe fairies who come to holiday will like it. If they are not used to naked soup, they can choose to make soup in the room, which is very comfortable.

I love their daily breakfast most. It's very exquisite, beautiful and full of rituals. In my spare time, the B & B will hold tea ceremony experience, and the activities of making Matcha and Japanese sushi are also very interesting. I will come again in winter to experience the outdoor wind in snowy days.

Transportation Guide:

1. Take a bullet train to Deqing station. Take a taxi from Deqing station to B & B, half an hour's journey.

2. More convenient self driving, direct navigation destination.

Address: No.10, Huangni mountain, Fangshan village, Daixi Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Price: 1000-1980 yuan / night