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How about South Africa Jacaranda in November? South Africa's best scenic spot for appreciating Jacar

Now our country has entered the season of enjoying the red leaves, but here in South Africa, there is a kind of purple flower opening, which is the beautiful Jacaranda. If you want to see it, you can learn from this information!

When does South African Jacaranda bloom

In October every year, spring begins to flow slowly. The romantic and beautiful Jacaranda are in full bloom, and their purple shadows can be seen in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and other cities in South Africa. This season to South Africa Tourism, always inadvertently, encounter this purple romance.

South African Jacaranda viewing sites

The Jacaranda road in South Africa extends from Johannesburg to Pretoria.

When the northern hemisphere began to fall autumn leaves, feel more cold, but here has entered the warm spring.

It blooms in the middle of September and withers at the end of October, less than two months in total. Short and beautiful.

The whole city is immersed in a sea of flowers, in the streets, at the corner of the road, everywhere there are the figure of Jacaranda

The continuous sea of flowers stands on both sides of the road like blue and purple clouds, and the ordinary street turns into a blue and purple tunnel.

When the sun is pouring down and falling on the ground through the Jacaranda, people can't tell whether the scene is reality or dream.

It's more interesting to watch the Jacaranda in the drizzle: the big and small raindrops drop the flowers, and the petals fall from the tall Jacaranda trees with raindrops, scattering all over the ground. The petals spread a layer of blue purple carpet on the sidewalk and driveway.

Walking on the sidewalk, in the rain of flowers, looking up is a huge purple umbrella, looking down is a purple carpet, as if the God of luck will come at any time.

If you stand at the height of the city to enjoy, you can see that the whole city is haunted by purple clouds, emitting a purple romantic flavor.

Now it's time for Jacaranda to be in full bloom. What are you waiting for? This purple romance welcomes you to travel here!