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Where is a good place to visit Xiamen? Free attractions for you to choose!

Xiamen is a famous tourist city in China. It is a city full of petty bourgeois sentiment. It has the reputation of "garden on the sea". The climate here is like spring all the year round, so many people like to travel. What are the free scenic spots in Xiamen?

Which scenic spots in Xiamen don't need tickets


Who says that you have to go to Gulangyu when you go to Xiamen? Shapowei is actually a good place for Xiamen tourism. Although it is not as famous as Gulangyu, shapowei is one of the origins of Xiagang. Due to the quicksand gathering here near the harbor, the beach scenery is very beautiful. In addition, shapowei also has a large number of small shops with characteristic petty bourgeois sentiment. Friends who like literary style will surely fall here.

Xiamen University

How can we not go to Xiamen University for a tour? We can visit the University freely on Saturdays and Sundays. It's a beautiful campus. The campus is full of trees. It's very pleasant to walk or read under the trees. Lu Xun worked here for a long time, so there is the only Lu Xun Memorial Hall in the University. There are many cafes around the school, and the atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie is full.

Gulangyu Islet

Gulangyu is the most famous tourist attraction in Xiamen, and it is also a famous tourist attraction in China. Countless people come here every year. It has a quiet and beautiful scenery. On the island, you can walk slowly, eat local food, and see traditional ancient buildings. It's pleasant and comfortable. In addition, Shuzhuang garden, sunlight rock, Organ Museum and other attractions are all worth visiting. Don't miss it when you go to Gulangyu.

Zengcuolong is located in Siming District of Xiamen. It is a combination of Xiamen culture and food. You can enjoy the stimulation of food to taste buds and the historical culture of zengcuolong. However, before the fire, it was just a simple and ordinary fishing village near the sea. Now it has become a cultural and innovative landmark of Xiamen.