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Where on earth is Lugu Lake? Yunnan province or Sichuan Province?

When it comes to Lugu Lake, you should all know this scenic spot. It's a great time to take photos. If you like to take photos, you must not miss this scenic spot. But do you know where Lugu Lake is? Where to travel? How many months is the best?

Where is Lugu Lake

&#Lugu Lake is half in Sichuan and half in Yunnan. This is a gathering place for ethnic minorities. There are also Mosuo people who are forgotten to be recorded among 56 ethnic groups.

Lugu Lake is located at the junction of Lijiang City and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. In ancient times, Lugu Lake was called Lugu Haizi. It is the mother lake of local Mosuo people and also known as Penglai fairyland. There are beautiful poplars here. The water of daughter's country is so clear that you can drink it. It's like a fairyland on earth. It's a popular tourist attraction in China. How many months is it best to go to Lugu Lake? The best time to visit Lugu Lake

The best travel time of Lugu Lake

The best travel time of Lugu Lake is from March to May and from September to November. The climate of Lugu Lake is warm and suitable, not too hot or too cold. It is very suitable for outdoor activities and playing on the edge of Lugu Lake. July and August is the rainy season, and there may be some natural disasters. Try to avoid these two places. It's cold in the morning and evening, so you need to bring some thicker clothes. When it's out of the sun, it's more sunny.