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Where can I take my children to enjoy the red leaves? Best places to enjoy red leaves in China

If you have missed the full of vitality in spring and summer, then you must not miss the autumn when the forest is dying. Nestle in the embrace of autumn and watch the green leaves' take off 'summer clothes and change into hot red clothes. When the golden autumn comes, it's the best time to travel. Are you ready to travel to any place?

Changchun, Jilin: Jingyuetan National Forest Park

Jingyuetan has cultivated another kind of 'red leaf' -- five leaf Euphorbia. This kind of climbing vine plants will climb on the pine trees and entangle with the pine trees. In autumn, a beautiful red leaf scenic belt will be formed along Huantan road.

There are many gentle slopes in Jingyuetan, and the red leaves of maple can form an intuitive landscape.

Dandong, Liaoning: tiangouqiao Forest Park

The scenery of Tiangou bridge is distinct in four seasons. It can be described as one world in one season and four days in four seasons. Tianqiaogou has a humid monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 8 ℃ and relative humidity of more than 73%. It has sufficient oxygen and is known as the pure land of Eastern Liaoning

This year's maple red time is 5-6 days later than last year, and it is in the best viewing period.

Mid late October to November

Beijing: Fenghuangling

In autumn, Xiangshan is full of people, and Fenghuang mountain is always quiet. There are many kinds of red leaves in the park, including maple leaf, Cotinus coggygria, Parthenocissus, torch tree, etc.

Fenghuangling enjoys the reputation of "suburban scenery, suburban roads and natural oxygen storage in Beijing".

Jiaozuo, Henan Province: Yuntai Mountain qingtianhe

From late October, red leaves will quickly spread over 3868 mountains and gullies of qingtianhe river. Everywhere is a scene of fiery red shock! Winding along the water surface of Daquan lake, the two sides are surrounded by gorgeous colors, beautiful and romantic.

October 16 to November 30 is the qingtianhe red leaf Festival.

November to December

Suzhou, Jiangsu: Tianping mountain

Tianping mountain is one of the three major Maple spots in China. In autumn, the maple leaves change from green to yellow, orange, red and purple, which is called five color maple. It also shows light purple, golden yellow, orange yellow and orange red. In the late autumn, I ascended the Wangfeng terrace and looked at it like coral burning in the sea.

The maple terrace above the maple forest on the hillside is the best place to watch.

Guangzhou, Guangdong: Shimen National Forest Park

Who says that red leaves can only be seen in the north? In the late autumn of southern China, the red leaves in Shimen of Conghua, which is known as the fragrant mountain of Guangzhou, gradually changed into golden and red new clothes with the autumn wind rising everywhere. There are more than 3000 acres of red leaves, mainly maple, Sapium sebiferum and maple.