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What's good to eat when traveling to Qingyang, Gansu? Special snacks in Qingyang

Gansu Province has a long history of snacks. You can see the unique scenery of Gansu Province!

Qingyang special snacks

Ningxian pig enema

Ningxian pig sausage is a traditional famous food in Ningxian County, Qingyang County, Gansu Province. Its production technology is very fine. Pig sausage and buckwheat grits are selected as the main raw materials, and then mixed with various seasonings. It is made by steaming the washed pig sausage. The produced pig sausage is fine, soft, firm, fragrant and delicious.

Ningxian Liangpi

Liangpi is a traditional snack in Ningxian county. Its production method is relatively fine, and its production steps are very similar to the gluten production method. It is made by using flour as the main raw material, kneading repeatedly in clear water, and using the traditional production method. When eating it, it is mixed with chili oil, refined salt, soy sauce, mashed garlic and vinegar. It tastes soft, smooth, delicate and has appetizing taste effect.

Huanxian lamb

Huanxian lamb is a traditional snack in Qingyang, Gansu Province, with a very long history. It is the best season to eat lamb from the beginning of spring to around the Dragon Boat Festival every year. Its production method is very fine, using mutton and ginger as the main raw materials, using the traditional production method, the lamb is fat but not greasy, thin but not firewood, very delicious.

Zhenyuan roast chicken

Zhenyuan roast chicken is a traditional snack in Qingyang, Gansu Province, which has a very long history and originated in the Ming Dynasty. The production method is very fine. Chicken is selected as the main raw material, and the depilated and dirty chicken is stewed into the long-standing brine soup. The roast chicken is crispy, which is deeply loved by consumers.