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Which province is Zhangye colorful Danxia in? The best places to enjoy Danxia

Why is Zhangye's colorful Danxia Mountain the most beautiful place in China? Which province is Zhangye colorful Danxia in? Zhangye colorful Danxia is located in the northwest of Gansu Province, which is the middle of Hexi corridor. For those who like to take the train, Zhangye colorful Danxia is not friendly. There is no direct bus to the scenic spot at the railway station, so they can only choose a few people to charter a bus for 200 yuan, or back to Zhangye bus west station, and then take the bus to Danxia.

In the sunny morning and noon, due to the reflection of sunlight, the overall color of colorful Danxia is not so colorful. It just looks slightly orange red than the ordinary bare mountain. It must be a 'photo deception' with colorful publicity photos, and the later stage and decoration are too obvious. Moreover, it's very hot here, and you will sweat if you move. With this kind of scenery and environment, people are really fooled.

But in the afternoon, the sun tilts, creating a strong sense of hierarchy. The light and shadow of the setting sun add color to the rocks and make the scenery more outstanding. At this time, the scenery is no longer bare mountains, but rare scenery in the world. I think it's really worth a visit. If you are lucky, the sunny day after the rain will make the Danxia color more intense. Most of the promotional films you see are also shot at this time.

In order to make tourists more close to the scenery, many viewing platforms have been built in Danxia geology. Among them, No.1 and No.5 viewing platforms are the best places to watch the sunset; No.4 and No.5 viewing platforms are the best places to watch the sunrise; No.4 and No.5 viewing platforms can see the 'knife mountain fire sea' scenic spot; No.3 viewing platform is mainly red, orange and yellow, which is the best place to watch in the afternoon No.2 viewing platform is the highest one in the scenic area, which can enjoy most of the landscape.

If the weather is fine, these viewing platforms are worth visiting, and the time for taking photos and playing is expected to be about five hours. Of course, if you are shocked by the beautiful scenery here, and want to enjoy the scenery more intuitively, you can also choose the helicopter, glider and hot air balloon provided in the scenic area. The cost is not cheap, but it is worth considering that you can overlook the scenery from the sky.

Xiaobian thinks that there are bad comments on the Internet about the colorful Danxia in Zhangye. Most of them come to the scenic spot when the weather is bad, or when the sunshine is the most abundant in the day. At this time, the scenery in the scenic spot is not outstanding, plus the long distance and the cost of tickets, I feel disappointed.

If you come to Zhangye colorful Danxia at the right time, you can definitely enjoy the peerless beauty, the shocking scenery is also absolutely unforgettable, and you will feel that such a bare mountain can definitely be rated as the most beautiful place in China, worthy of it!