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What are the interesting places in Shenzhen? Shenzhen is the best place to visit

When it comes to Shenzhen, you should be familiar with it! Shenzhen, which used to be a small fishing village, has become a world-famous economy. It is famous for its rapid economic development and rich entertainment activities. Therefore, it is also one of the choices for many tourists. What interesting places are there in Shenzhen?

What interesting places are there in Shenzhen

Shenzhen window of the world

If you like the artificial miniature landscape, it's right to come to Shenzhen Window of the world. In addition to seeing places of interest all over the world, there are also folk shows all over the world, such as Japanese tea ceremony and African folk song and dance show. If you want to see all the performances, one day is not enough.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

How can a friend who likes to take photos not come to Xianhu botanical garden to take photos of INS style blockbusters? This place is a good place for Shenzhen citizens to take a walk and enjoy flowers on weekends. It's also a 'net red scenic spot' for taking photos in Shenzhen. The forest women's Department, idyllic style and aestheticism can all be photographed. The most recommended is cactus and succulent garden. How can we shuttle through the tall and powerful cactus Ose has the feeling of INS blockbuster.


Mangrove is a nature reserve established to protect mangrove. At the same time, it's also a free seaside ecological park. Because it's not very downtown in the west of Shenzhen, mangrove forest is not popular on weekdays, so it's very good to come here for leisure.

OCT East

If you go to Shenzhen to visit the eco-tourism area of the eastern overseas Chinese town, you must miss it. It's too playable, and the area of the whole park is also very large. It's suitable for the whole family to come here on weekends. There are many exciting entertainment projects in the park, as well as many scenic spots with pleasant scenery. Daxia Valley and chaxi valley are the two core areas that you can focus on.