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Where is Hukou waterfall? How much is the ticket for Hukou waterfall?

For example, Hukou waterfall, located in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, is the second largest waterfall in China and the largest yellow waterfall in the world. In Hukou area, the West Bank of the Yellow River is steep on the top and gentle on the bottom. Above hukou, the river flows smoothly in a wide channel. At the upper end of the deep channel, the 400 meter estuary suddenly shrinks to 30-50 meters, forming a huge waterfall. Like a teapot, it collects the running water of the Yellow River, hence the name of Hukou waterfall.

In summer, the Yellow River reaches the flood season, the water volume is very large, Hukou waterfall is magnificent, very spectacular. In winter, when the temperature drops below zero, the water condenses into ice and forms a rare giant ice waterfall. The wonderful landscape of nature is magnificent and very attractive.

But many people who have been to Hukou Waterfall make complaints about the fees. First of all, when you enter the scenic area, you have to charge 91 yuan for the ticket, and then you have to take a shuttle bus, which costs 40 yuan. In fact, the distance of this shuttle bus is only a few kilometers, and it only takes a few minutes to reach Hukou waterfall. Many people are reluctant to take the bus, but the scenic spot explains that all tourists must take the bus for the convenience of management.

As a result, many people feel that Hukou waterfall is a natural landscape. Why do they charge for it? In fact, when we travel to many scenic spots, we have to pay for tickets. At this time, some people will have doubts. Since it is a natural landscape, why do we have to pay for it artificially?

The first reason to collect tickets is to limit the flow. China has a huge population. If it is free, the number of tourists will be particularly large, and overload operation will cause damage to the scenic spots. Secondly, tourists may leave some garbage when they visit the natural scenic spots. Even the natural scenic spots need to be managed and maintained from time to time. The tickets we pay are also used here. However, although the landscape of Hukou waterfall is very shocking, the viewing time is only one hour at most. Moreover, the investment cost of the scenic spot is not too high, and the operation cost is obviously not so high, so there are still some problems in the price. What do you think of this?