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How much is Hetian Biyu per gram? Is Hotan Jasper valuable

In the market of Hotan jade, white is the most precious. People despise green Hotan jade and think that this kind of Hotan jade is worthless. What about Hetian Biyu? Is Hetian Biyu valuable? How much is Hetian Biyu per gram? Today, we will take these questions to talk about the value of Hetian Biyu and how much is Hetian Biyu per gram.

The value of Hotan Jasper

Hotan Biyu is a green variety in Hotan jade family, mostly spinach green. Although Hetian jade has tough texture, warm luster, high transparency, and looks elegant and generous, because of the color, it was not recognized in the previous Hetian jade market, so the price was very cheap, and it once became a counterfeit material of jadeite.

However, with the decrease of Hetian jade resources, the price of white jade, which is most sought after by players, has also risen to the point where people are envious. Therefore, with its excellent texture, Hetian Biyu has become a rookie in Hetian jade market. After all, in history and culture, Hotan Jasper is far better than jadeite, and its texture can be compared with Hotan white jade. Therefore, today's Jasper has also become a precious variety in Hotan jade family. It is needless to say whether it is valuable or not.

How much is Hetian Biyu now

As early as today's Hotan jade market, the price of Hotan jade is no less than that of white jade. According to the data, from Hotan Biyu was recognized by the players to now, its price has increased five times in just a few years. Among them, the price of Jasper Bracelet is the most expensive, and the price of one is tens of thousands of yuan. The price of the top Jasper raw stone is more than ten thousand yuan per kilogram, which shows the popularity of Jasper in today's market.