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The best way to spray perfume is to spray perfume several times a day.

Good smell can greatly enhance the temperament and charm of women. Every woman has her own favorite perfume. Good perfume can instantly improve her temperament. So how many times a day does perfume spray best?

The right way for women to spray perfume

1, after bathing or before going out in the morning, spray perfume into the air and then enter the air, so that the aroma molecules will slowly suck in your hair, body and clothing.

2, carry a bottle of perfume, sprinkle a little bit of hair and clothing before going out for dinner, so that the smell of food and clothing can be avoided and the consistency of aroma can be maintained.

3, spray perfume on your shoulders. The general perfume spray position is behind the ear or neck, actually spraying on the shoulder also has a good effect. The fragrance will look more gentle through the clothes. If you want to spray on the back of the ear, first spray on the wrist, slightly dilute on the wipe, direct spray will be too strong, you should pay attention to.

4, spray perfume on a handkerchief, put your handkerchief in your handbag or coat pocket. Whenever you open your handbag to make up your makeup or wear a stripper, you will have a faint aroma.

5, before going to bed at night, spray perfume on the pillow. When you wake up, your hair will leave a lingering fragrance on your pillow, so you can show your charm. If you spray perfume on your body and go to bed at night, the smell will be too strong.

It's best to spray perfume several times a day.

Eau De Toilette can be sprayed 3 times a day for 3-4 hours. Eau De Parfum can be maintained for about 5 hours, and 2 times a day. Recently, there are many fragrances with light fragrance, which also represent more volatile, so they can be added more frequently.

How do you spray too much perfume?

Rinse with clean water. If you can shower is the most effective, there is no way to shower with a wet towel wipe.

If you want to prevent too much perfume, you must fix the amount of spray daily. Usually, the reason why I spray too much is that I am paralyzed by the fragrance. Olfactory sense is the most easily paralyzed perception among the five senses. For example, if you don't spray perfume today, people around you will feel the same smell as usual. Once you decide on the amount and place of spray, you should abide by it.