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How does ruqiya, the Yin Yang master, obtain the method of obtaining the God of death

Rukia, the Yin Yang master, is the God of death. Since she is the God of death, is Rukia's skill fierce? What are the ways to obtain Rukia? Let's follow the editor to find out.

Rotten wood Rukia skill attribute explanation

1、 Shishen panel


As an SSR God, Rukia will have 2-3 s attributes

2、 Shishen skill

Skill (guess)

General attack

Rotten wood Rukia is a common skill that emits multiple light blades in succession, causing 182% damage.

Zero Dance & middot; ice shock

After accumulating power, release ice ring in your own area for multi-stage range attack, increase your attack, have a chance to freeze the enemy and cause 374% damage.

Whirl & middot; Bai Lan

Release the ice tornado to the front after accumulating power to attack in multiple sections. It has a chance to slow down the enemy and cause 363% damage.

Rukia's acquisition method

The new God Lucia will be available on the latest death link.

1. Summon

Linkage activities, draw the card to get.

2. Exchange of yin and Yang

Liaoyou exchange pieces.

Methods for obtaining Rukia fragments:

During the activity, you will have the chance to obtain the designated linked SSR fragments by using the mysterious charm, gouyu and earthly charm summoning. If you collect 50 fragments, you can synthesize out of print limited SSR Ichigo kurazaki and Rukia!

Adults are free to choose between Ichigo kurazaki or Rukia shards before calling. During the activity, adults can switch the type of fragments they want to get at any time.


There are three rounds of bleach's linkage activities, and this is the first one. It's out of print and limited that SSR Ichigo kurazaki and Rukia can only get through these three activities.

Kurosaki Ichigo and Rukia can only be synthesized by fragments, not directly obtained by summoning.