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How to identify the true and false coach logo? Nine methods for rapid identification of coach bags

Coach as a light luxury brand, in recent years in the market share is increasing. But then there are more and more fake products. According to the appraisal data of luxury platform, the authentic rate of coach is about 60%. Today I'll share with you how to identify the real and fake Coach logo? There are 9 ways to quickly identify coach bags.

Methods / steps:

Excess plastic film

There will be no plastic film on the genuine metal ring, and the one without plastic film on the hardware is genuine.

YKK is still the same identification point as MK. there will be YKK mark on the zipper of Authentic Coach, and the zipper of authentic coach will pull smoothly and neatly.

Look at the circle

If it is a bag with a ring, the authentic ring will be a whole, without cracks, while the imitation will have cracks.

Look at the article number

The tag of genuine product should be consistent with the product number on the small white label in the bag. Imitations sometimes ignore this detail. For example, the label of imitated product in the figure below is missing the F at the beginning.

Look at the font

Or look at the small white label inside the bag. Note that the authentic font is designed by the brand side. The font is thick and looks comfortable. The generic font looks slim and ordinary.

Look at the leather card

The leather tag hanging on the bag is also the identification point. The genuine product should be clear, and the surrounding of the mark is smooth. It looks very natural and comfortable.

Imitations sometimes have a deep impression, but they are often imitative and fake. If you look at the following two contrast pictures, you can clearly feel the difference.


The coach logo and pattern on the bag are mostly relative. If there is a seam joint in the middle of the bag, the coach logo will be symmetrical along the joint to form a complete pattern.

Look at the leather in the bag

If the bag is made of embossed leather, the genuine leather should be in the center of the bag, the text mark on it should be clear and easy to read, the stitching should be obvious and complete, and the imitation should be vague.

Metal buckle

Finally, share a simple identification point. The text on the genuine metal button should be Yin (concave), while the imitation should be Yang (convex).