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How long can vacuum packed salted duck eggs last? Is vacuum salted duck egg cooked

It's approaching the Dragon Boat Festival. Are your zongzi and salted duck eggs ready? Now most people go to the supermarket to buy salted duck eggs. Generally speaking, salted duck eggs in the supermarket are vacuum packaged. How long is the shelf life of salted duck eggs?

How long can vacuum packed salted duck eggs last

Generally speaking, the shelf life of vacuum packed salted duck eggs bought in supermarkets is about three months. The specific shelf life is shown in the product manual.

Also, if the duck egg itself is salty, the shelf life will be longer. If the packaging is well handled, it will be extended accordingly.

Is vacuum packed salted duck egg cooked

There are two kinds of salted duck eggs on the market: cooked and raw. The salted duck eggs packed in vacuum are usually cooked. The cooked eggs that can be eaten directly are often vacuum packaged, or have relevant labels, text instructions, etc.

Of course, before eating, it is suggested to carefully check the instructions on the package to see if there are relevant labels.

How to eat salted duck eggs in vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaged salted duck eggs are usually cooked and can be eaten by shelling directly. If you don't mind, cook it again.

Salted duck eggs cold can be eaten directly, more fragrant. If it's just cooked, it's recommended to eat it after it's cold. Of course, if you take it out of the refrigerator in summer, it's better to eat it hot.

When choosing egg products, first observe the appearance, and choose the egg products with complete appearance, clean appearance, no cracks, no black spots and no mildew phenomenon. The yolk of salted duck is golden yellow after opening. If the color of the egg core is particularly red or has white, black spots, and there is a strange noise when shaking, do not eat.