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11 Airlines claim against Boeing

What's the matter with the 11 Boeing Airlines? Is the 11 Boeing airlines' claim true? Many partners still don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What happened to Boeing's claim of 11 Airlines

Of the 12 Chinese airlines involved in the grounding of Boeing 737max, 11 have filed claims against Boeing, except nine yuan airlines.

However, in the United States, there have been many "sources" releasing good news related to Boeing recently.

Boeing's share price opened lower and higher yesterday. Shortly after the opening, it fell by 3.22% for a time, but then rose in shock to close at US $350.55, down 0.63%.

On May 24, it was reported that after China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines filed claims against Boeing, Shandong Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Fuzhou airlines, Xiangpeng airlines and Aokai Airlines confirmed on May 23, claiming compensation for the loss caused by the grounding of Boeing 737max and the delayed delivery of the 737max ordered earlier.

The Boeing 737max aircraft of Indonesia lion airlines and Ethiopia Airlines crashed successively in 2018 and 2019. On March 11 this year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that in order to ensure the flight safety of China's civil aviation, China Transport Airlines suspended the commercial operation of Boeing 737max aircraft.

According to statistics, there are 96 Boeing 737max grounded in China, accounting for about 4% of its aircraft. Among them, Air China 15, China Southern 24, China Eastern 14, Hainan 11, Xiamen 10, Shenzhen 5, Shanhang 7, Xiangpeng 3, Aokai 2, Fuzhou 2, Kunming 2 and Jiuyuan 1.

It is reported that of the seven Boeing 737max aircraft grounded by Shandong Airlines, five were delivered in 2018, and two were just delivered in February and March this year.

As the latest model of Boeing, a large part of the narrow body aircraft ordered by Air China is 737max. According to the original plan, Air China will introduce 22 737max this year.

Some industry analysts believe that the losses of the above-mentioned Airlines include the direct business losses caused by the suspension of the original routes and the costs caused by the use of other aircraft to make up for the gap in the routes. Each airline company may claim tens of millions of dollars or more.

In the off-season, the impact of 737max grounded on airlines and the market is not obvious, but after the arrival of the peak season in June, if the problem has not been solved, the increase of China's aviation capacity will be obviously restricted.

As for the time to resume the operation of Boeing 737max, CAAC has previously given the preconditions: finding out the airworthiness compliance of the aircraft design and ensuring the implementation of relevant safety measures, which are closely related to the accident investigation conclusions, and fully evaluating the aircraft design and improvement based on the official accident investigation conclusions.

Boeing will go around in the United States

However, US news is good for Boeing's continued release. On the 22nd, a source said that the US aviation regulatory agency recognized the idea of "bird strike" in the air crash of air Egypt. Another source said that the Boeing 737 Max would go around at the end of June. Representatives of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have told the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that they expect Boeing 737 Max to go around in the United States as early as the end of June, three sources said, although there is no timetable.

Representatives of FAA and Boeing made relevant reports to ICAO board members in Montreal on the 23rd.

After meeting aviation officials from more than 30 countries, the FAA said the outlook for Boeing 737 Max go around is more optimistic than ever, according to the associated press.

But Daniel Elwell, acting director of the FAA, declined to disclose the timetable for the return of the Boeing 737max or comment on reports of a 'go around as early as the end of June,' according to the associated press.

Boeing shares fell sharply

According to CNN on the 23rd, FAA acting director Daniel Elwell said in an interview that he did not find any information indicating that the agency had failed in airworthiness certification of Boeing 737max.

He said: 'I don't see any sign of that, but ongoing audits and reviews may find ways to improve the agency's certification process. '

He also said he hoped to wait until the investigation into the crash of lion airlines and Ethiopian Airlines is over before reaching a conclusion.

Affected by the news, Boeing's share price opened lower and higher on the 23rd. Shortly after the opening, it fell 3.22% at one time, but then rose by shock to close at US $350.55, down 0.63%.