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How does Korea buy watch on behalf to distinguish true from false? How to distinguish the authentici

A watch friend asked South Korea how to identify the genuine watch? Omega watch is one of the most counterfeited Swiss watches. It is also the highest level of counterfeiting among all the counterfeit watches that Xiaobian has ever seen. Some of the high imitation watches are really enough to be genuine. What's a simple way to tell a real or fake Omega watch? Now let Sihai Xiaobian tell you how to tell a real or fake Omega watch.

Here are six ways to easily identify Omega Omega

Look at the production number at the bottom of the sheet.

Almost all omega watches have production serial numbers, and they are the only one. It is usually engraved on the back cover of the watch, or on the back of a claw of the watch. It is an 8-digit number. If it is a mechanical watch, the 8-digit production serial number will also appear on the edge of the movement splint. The production serial number of the case is the same as that of the movement. The serial number of the real watch is engraved, deep and clear. If it is engraved on the back cover of the watch, it will be consistent with the arc of the back cover of the watch. In other words, the numbers are arranged in a circular arc, while the false watch is generally horizontal and straight.

Currently, the serial numbers of omega watches are engraved on the back of a certain claw position, and the numbers are very small and dense, which can not be imitated by fake watches. The production serial number of the fake watch is basically a number, no matter it's a man's watch or a woman's watch, no matter what type it is.

Look at the label on the case.

In particular, there are many marks on the case of K-gold watches, such as the design of scales, the mark of 18K or 750, the mark of dog's head of St. Bona or the mark of woman's head of 'goddess of protection'. These marks are very small and clear, and the false watch is often thick and fuzzy.

Look at the label on the strap.

If it's a metal watch strap, there will be some signs engraved at the discount of the watch strap. There must be a number of the watch strap. The signs of fake watches are generally large, shallow and rough. It's not easy to do in this place. Fake watches are often exposed here. If it's a K-gold watch, the clasp of the strap must also be K-gold, and it must also be engraved with the K-gold logo. What's missing is gold-plated. Recently, we found that some omega watches with belts have problems in this place, which means that at least it's not the original strap.

Look at the hands of the watch.

The weakness of counterfeit watch lies in the pointer. Although it is small, it is not easy to make it very similar. The surface of the hands of Omega real watch is very bright and smooth. The shape is regular and slender (especially the second hand). The night light on the hand is the same as the color on the dial. If you can make a comparison, it is not difficult to find the difference between them.

Look at the dial.

The characters on the dial and the characters on the lacquered dial should also be very regular and have a bright surface. If it's a diamond, first of all, it's a natural diamond, while the fake watch usually uses a 'diamond', and it's bigger than the real watch. The lacquer marks on the dial, including the letters and the dividers, should be very clear and glossy. The fake watch is more dim and fuzzy. The words of Swiss make should be at the bottom of the dial at 6 o'clock, close to the aperture of the glass, and the letters of the false table should be printed on the top.

Look at the watch guarantee card.

Omega watches usually have 2-4 guarantee cards (depending on the watch type), which are all dark red and the same size as credit cards. The number of the watch (model, production serial number, movement number and the blue seal of the seller) is printed on it, which corresponds to the watch one by one. Contents of guarantee card: including international guarantee, precise hour meter certificate, natural diamond guarantee and watch function guarantee. False table often has the situation that the number does not correspond, the function does not correspond and there is no blue seal of the seller.