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Why is the new trademark called Hongmeng

Original title: Huawei registered 'Hongmeng' trademark or used for self-developed operating system

On May 24, the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office showed that Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. had applied for the registration of the 'Hongmeng' trademark on August 24, 2018. The special term is from May 14, 2019 to May 13, 2029. It is mainly used for mobile phone software design, software design and development, etc.

Previously, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said Huawei is developing its own operating system, which will be available as soon as this autumn and as late as next spring. He revealed that Huawei's independent operating system has opened up mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, automobiles, intelligent wearable and other fields, and will also be compatible with Android applications and all web applications. 'if the Android application is recompiled, the running performance of this operating system will be improved by more than 60%, which is a future oriented micro kernel. '

According to sources, Huawei named its self-developed operating system 'Hongmeng', but Huawei did not reply.