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Audi female slapped the girl to fracture because she didn't give way in the community

Original title: details of Audi girl slapping girl why did Audi girl slap a 5-year-old girl?

Ms. CAI of Zhengzhou called us to say that her five-year-old daughter was broken by a female driver in the community. What on earth is the reason why this female driver is so cruel to a five-year-old girl?

It happened at 8:00 p.m. on May 21. At that time, Niuniu, Ms. Cai's daughter, was playing with a scooter in the community, and a black Audi stopped in front of Niuniu.

Miss Cai's daughter Niuniu (pseudonym: I'm playing with my scooter, and the Audi black car is in the back. Then she honks the horn, and I'll stand here. Then her car is going to turn that way, and she still blames me for not turning.

Niuniu said that after she let her to the side, a woman driver got off the car and hit her.

Miss Cai's daughter Niuniu (pseudonym): she asked me to give way, I gave way, I gave way to the edge, she also asked me to give way, I had no place to give way, then she got out of the car, I glared at her, she hit me and slapped me ten times.

On the morning of May 23, the reporter saw the surveillance video of the incident in the monitoring room of the community.

Ms. Cai said that her daughter had been shouting headache that night, so she went to the hospital for examination.

Ms. Cai said that when she heard neighbors say that her daughter had been beaten, she rushed to find the child. After arriving at the scene, the woman driver had already left, so she immediately called the police. At present, the reporter learned that the female driver who beat someone has been detained by the administration.

So, what's the reason? The woman driver actually started on a 5-year-old child? On the afternoon of May 23, the reporter contacted her husband by telephone.

Woman driver's husband: you can also see the monitoring of entering the community. When the car stopped there, there was a child playing with a scooter in front of him. He didn't move there, just blocking the road. The road in front of the property was very narrow, only one car could pass by. In order not to sound the whistle to frighten the child, she told her to move. She opened the window and told her to move. There were three or four times in the middle, and pedestrians helped her ask the child to move, but the child did not move. After several times, when she came down, she asked the child to move, but she did not move. Then my wife pulled her scooter to move to the side of the road. The result may be that the scooter angered the child, and then the child A child began to scold her, after scolding her began to beat her.

The driver's husband said that Niuniu's behavior angered his wife, so she started beating Niuniu.

The driver's husband: in the process of pulling, my daughter-in-law slapped her in the face and slapped her in the face. We went to the police station the night before yesterday. Her parents said that my wife had beaten her more than ten times, which we thought was incredible.

So in the end, the female driver beat Niuniu or more than a dozen times? The husband of the female driver said that the police also found witnesses at the scene at that time.

Woman driver's husband: the police found several witnesses, and the final result was that my wife beat her, and the other family said that they beat her more than ten times. The monitoring display is very vague. Once, two of them were still neighbors. They said two times. This is the final conclusion. The police will certainly make a comprehensive quantitative analysis based on this conclusion.

At present, the female driver has been detained. Her husband feels wronged about the result.

The reporter learned that Ms. Cai's family has applied for judicial expertise.

The monitoring screen shows that the girl was playing skateboarding on the road in the community. The female driver saw that the girl was in the way and got off to check. A few seconds later, the driver seemed to have a dispute with the child, so she waved her hand and hit the girl in the face. Later, Ms. Cai called the police. After investigation, the police found the woman driver involved and took her back to the police station. Finally, she was detained for 12 days.