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What's the matter with Wang Chenyi's withdrawal from the competition? Why did Wang Chenyi suddenly w

On May 24, the official microblog of "creative camp 2019" suddenly released a statement that student Wang Chenyi withdrew from the competition. For a time, it's hard for fans to accept, so why did Wang Chenyi withdraw? What's the story behind Wang Chenyi's withdrawal?

The news came as a surprise, which made the fans explode. Because before, Wang Chenyi cried at the meeting and said to the fans that he was not disappointed. Why did he suddenly announce that he would withdraw from the competition? The official of Creation Camp announced that Wang Chenyi would withdraw from the competition. The four word reason made the fans unable to accept. First, cry for respect!

For this problem, many fans think that this is the result of the backstage operation of the Creation Camp. Wang Chenyi must have retired because of the inside story. As we all know, Wang Chenyi started his career in the name of an individual trainee, not in the name of a company trainee. Therefore, there is no support behind Wang Chenyi. He relies on his own efforts in everything!

Moreover, Wang Chenyi's current position is very high, and the possibility of his debut is also very large. In this way, he will seize the places of other company members. Although the program team has done a lot of explosion-proof measures for Wang Chenyi before, because his comprehensive strength is relatively strong, and the accumulation of fans is relatively large, so he was directly sent to the top several rankings by fans all the way.

Now that she is facing the finals, this kind of thing suddenly appears. The explanation given by the program group is only four words' personal reasons', and Wang Chenyi has not issued a statement. If it is really personal reasons, it should be explained by Wang Chenyi himself rather than the four words of the official microblog!

Wang Chenyi was forced to withdraw from the competition, and "4 words" on the official micro blog of Creation Camp explained the reason. Fans: who believes? I hope Wang Chenyi can return as soon as possible, and I'm looking forward to the dance he cooperated with song Yanfei. It's a pity if he really withdraws from the competition.