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What's the matter with the driver taking baby to work? Driver takes baby to work suspended

On the 24th, a bus driver in Changsha was suspended for taking her baby to work. Many netizens sympathized with her and pleaded for her. At the same time, it also made people feel that it is difficult for a woman to work and her family. It is also very emotional! However, why does the woman driver take her baby to work? We should know that it is potentially dangerous to do so, and it is worrying to take her child to work on the bus! So it is, I want to know more After the reason, to understand the specific details will know, together to see it.

What's the matter with the driver taking baby to work

It is understood that the incident happened on the evening of the 21st. At that time, a female driver of the w222 bus in Changsha took her four or five-year-old daughter to the bus when she was on the night shift. The child was tired and sleeping on the seat with all the covers and pillows and open books beside. A passenger filmed the scene and posted it to his microblog, saying that 'it's very warm when mom is nearby. 'the microblog immediately attracted a lot of attention. Some netizens said: 'this car must be very gentle and steady. "If there were no special circumstances, who would take the children to drive the bus. '

Netizens love the girl driver and the little girl, but some netizens worry that the child is not safe in the car. As a matter of fact, the woman driver has been suspended. According to Li, leader of w222 bus team, the team has suspended the female driver for self-examination in consideration of safe driving, and may even dismiss her. The team is still discussing the final solution.

Driver takes baby to work

In addition, I learned that the driver who took the baby to work was Liu, who had just been in the team for a few months. Captain Li said that he did not support Liu's behavior. "The bus driver is in charge of the safety of passengers, and it is not safe for children to sleep in their seats.". Captain Li said Liu's child is about four or five years old and is still in kindergarten.

After the event, Captain Li found driver Liu to understand the situation. Driver Liu explained that on the evening of May 21, all the family members were busy, and they couldn't find anyone to take care of the children, and they didn't know where to put them. Liu driver didn't report to the team, so he took the child to the car. Captain Li said that if driver Liu reported to the team in advance, the team could ask other drivers to take care of the children on behalf of the team or the management. Although the incident happened for a reason, this behavior is improper, so now Liu driver is still suspended for self-examination.