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The price of garlic has quadrupled. When garlic is back, you can't afford the ingredients

Jinxiang, Shandong Province, is the hometown of garlic in China. Last year, the garlic market went down. It only sold 78 cents per kilo. This year, the price has turned over. It can sell about 2.5 yuan per kilo, and its value has increased three or four times. A garlic farmer said that he lost money when he planted five or six mu last year, but this year he planted two mu. He regretted planting less. Food: I hope the price of garlic eggplant and scallop will not rise;

It is understood that in a large supermarket in Beijing, the price of dried garlic is 6.99 yuan / Jin, and the price of five garlic bags is 5.9 yuan / bag. On average, the price of one dried garlic is 1.18 yuan!

Mr. Li, who specializes in the wholesale business of fresh garlic, said that the cheapest time to buy fresh garlic last year was only 0.5 yuan / Jin, while this year's purchase price is 2 yuan / Jin, which is about four times higher than last year.

Mr. Zhang, a former garlic farmer, revealed that the selling price of fresh garlic wholesalers this year is 5.4 yuan / Jin. Considering that dry garlic has one more drying process than fresh garlic, it is estimated that the purchasing price of dry garlic this year will be 3-5 yuan / Jin, which is 5-6 times higher than that of last year.

In addition to the increase in the purchase price, there are also intermediate links such as handling charges, transportation charges, market tolls, and rent, taxes and other links after the wholesale of small vendors, which are transmitted to the end consumers, so the price will naturally be higher.

Why is the price of garlic so high

As for the reasons for the high price of garlic, Mr. Li said that in 2016 and 2017, the planting area of garlic continued to increase, resulting in the price of garlic getting worse year by year. By 2018, the purchase price of fresh garlic was generally 0.4-0.5 yuan / Jin, and Henan even sold at a low price of 0.35 yuan / jin at the cheapest time. And this price makes a lot of garlic farmers lose money, to a certain extent dampen the enthusiasm of garlic farmers, so the planting area decreased last year, to harvest this year, the yield will be less.

Some wholesalers also mentioned that in order to protect Erhai Lake, Eryuan County of Yunnan Province banned planting garlic in 2018, which also had a certain impact on the price of fresh garlic - compared with the same period last year, the price of new garlic mainly from Yunnan Province increased by nearly two times.

In addition, due to the poor quality of dry garlic in the main production areas of Shandong and Henan last year, some consumers chose to buy new garlic, and the dietary habits of northern China also led to the rapid increase in the demand for fresh garlic.

Garlic market complex, when the price remains to be observed

May is the harvest season of garlic. With the batch launch of new garlic, is the price of garlic expected to decline? In this regard, many wholesalers said that the market is complex and not very predictable.

Liu Tong, director of the market statistics department of Xinfadi agricultural products, believes that the price of garlic has been rising continuously in recent years, but this fluctuation is actually relatively normal. Whenever the market price goes too high, it will inevitably fall back to the low level; similarly, if the price goes low in the early stage, it will inevitably rise after that, which is a feature of the market operation.