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Does refrigerator radiate big? Does refrigerator radiate have an effect to pregnant woman

Does refrigerator radiate big? Does refrigerator radiate have an effect to pregnant woman we all know that the refrigerator has radiation, but is the refrigerator radiation large? Will it have any impact on people's health? Let's take a look.

Does the refrigerator radiate a lot

Refrigerator radiation is not very big. It won't have any effect on the human body. As long as users buy qualified refrigerators, they are generally in line with national standards, and will not have any impact on the human body. In addition to microwave ovens with high radiation, pregnant women should properly avoid these people. Other household appliances will not pose a health threat to the human body at all, so rest assured to use them.

How big is the electric radiation

China has a clear regulation on electromagnetic radiation, which stipulates that the electromagnetic radiation below 40 MW / cm2 is qualified and will not have any impact on human body. In addition, the public exposure limit is 12V / m. For the microwave oven with large radiation, the measured value is 5 ~ 10V / m at 50cm away from the microwave oven, which is lower than the national standard of 12V / m, while the radiation value of air conditioners and refrigerators is lower. Therefore, as long as you identify the regular products with 3C certification mark when purchasing products, it will not have an impact on your health.

Does refrigerator affect pregnant women

There will be no impact. First of all, the radiation of the refrigerator is very small, and it will not affect people. Even pregnant women have a small impact, and it only takes a short time to take things out of the refrigerator or put them in. As long as they don't stay within 1 meter of the refrigerator, there will be no impact at all, so there is no need to worry about the impact of the radiation of the refrigerator on pregnant women. But pregnant women try to keep a distance when using the microwave oven, because its radiation is high, and try not to get too close when heating things.

How to avoid radiation

1. Select qualified household appliances produced by regular manufacturers. When choosing refrigerators, it is best to buy household refrigerators with low radiation.

2. Don't put your household appliances too centrally. Especially TV, computer, refrigerator and other electrical appliances with strong radiation should not be placed in pregnant women's bedrooms.

3. Qualified pregnant women can use qualified anti radiation clothing with test certificate.