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Quilt has peculiar smell, how to remove each material quilt to go peculiar smell method

Quilt has peculiar smell, how to remove each material quilt to go peculiar smell method

When you take it out of the cupboard, it smells of mildew. Should you take it out to dry and damp? Here, for different materials of bedding, teach you the following good method, don't wash can go to taste, than drying quilt also work yo!

Down quilt

The duvet is the lightest quilt.

Hang in the outdoor (or balcony) cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days, then pat evenly, it will eliminate the bad smell. You can also use lemonade spray on the quilt, put the quilt in a cool place to dry overnight, so you can remove the smell on the quilt.

Note: this method is very simple, but remember that it's better to use spray instead of sprinkle. Spray evenly.

Cotton quilt

Cotton quilt is the most common quilt. Put a few small bags of desiccant in the folded quilt (small food bought at home, usually with desiccant in the bag, which can be collected for standby), and then put a few pieces of soap (choose the type you like), the quilt will not have peculiar smell in a few days.

Note: the desiccant and soap should not be piled together. They should be put layer by layer. It doesn't need to be too much. Three or four pieces of soap can be used. Soap can be used in the future. It won't be wasted.

Wool quilt

Wool (cashmere) quilt is the most intimate quilt. There will be no smell of sheep after carding and carbonization. But after a long time, there will inevitably be some strange smell, you can spray alcohol evenly on the wool, sprinkle a small amount of yellow rice on the wool, gently tap or use a soft brush along the brush 1-2 times, remember that the technique must be light!

Note: it is better not to wash wool quilt with water. Conditional proposal dry cleaning, or to the sun for half an hour can not be exposed. When drying, a piece of cloth can be spread on the quilt to avoid the damage caused by the hot sun to the wool fiber.

Fibrous quilt

Fiber quilt is the cheapest quilt. It doesn't need special maintenance. It can be washed by water or machine. It can be washed and dehydrated by neutral detergent or soap powder.

Silk quilt

It is an effective way to blow the silk in a well ventilated place. In general, after a week or two of ventilation, there will be no strange smell. In addition, in addition to the summer sun time can not be too long, other non direct sunlight, silk quilt can be sun for 2 hours.

Note: silk should not be dried too long, because silk will become brittle under ultraviolet radiation. So some people sun their silk quilts every day. After a year, they find that the silk quilts are getting less and less warm and thinner. That's why.