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What to do if the furniture is soaked in water? How to repair if the furniture is soaked in water

Furniture soaking in water is really annoying, but what should we do when we face a pile of furniture soaked in soup? If it is not completely unusable, there are still ways to remedy the furniture after soaking in water, but there are also some methods and steps to repair it. If the method is wrong, it will fall short. Let's take a look at the tips for repairing the furniture soaked in water.

1. Wooden furniture repair tips

① Don't take it to the bottom of the sun to expose it. General wooden furniture will expand and contract after being exposed to the sun. In some places, it will crack and deform, and the surface will be even more dilapidated. Moreover, the structure of the furniture has been destroyed, and the supporting force is not as good as before.

② It's better to use the natural air drying method for water soaked furniture. Otherwise, it's OK to turn on the dehumidifier to completely evaporate the moisture of the furniture. At least return to the dry state first. Otherwise, if you put it for a long time, the interior may become moldy.

③ After drying the furniture, if the surface is damaged or scratched, you can add some paint of the same color, or you can apply bright paint, and you can have more protection. Furniture professional maintenance paint has an unexpected effect on wood maintenance, mildew resistance and insect resistance.

2. Other materials furniture repair coup

① Metal furniture is most afraid of rust. After soaking in water, it must be wiped clean. Every joint, tenon and other large and small area can not be ignored, and it can be wiped with antirust agent to prolong its service life.

② Ask a professional furniture store to repair your furniture. Some furniture manufacturers who do a good job in service repair will have a lower service price for the original consumers. If you want to repair your furniture carefully, relying on the profession is also one of the ways.