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How to remove fishy line of carp

How many fishy lines does carp have? Where is the fishy line of carp? How does the fishy line of carp get rid of? Many people know that when making carp, if it has not been treated to remove the fishy smell, the fish will not taste good. There are two fishy lines on the back of carp. Many people say it's' fishy line of carp '. There are two white tendons on both sides of the back of carp, which are actually' fishy line '. Here's how to remove the fishy smell of carp.

How to remove fishy line of carp? Where is the fishy line of carp

The key to remove the fishy smell of carp is to get rid of two fishy lines

There are two white tendons on both sides of carp's back. This is something that makes a special fishy smell. Take out the white tendons when you kill it. It doesn't smell fishy when it's burned.

1. Cut the fish from the back of the gill with a knife, and you will see a white line in the fish. Hold the white line with your hand, and pat the fish with the back of the knife while pulling, so that the fishy line can be taken out, and the other side can be operated in the same way.

Specific operation method: draw a knife on the skin under the gills, and then draw a knife in front of the tail, white tendons will be exposed, take out the white tendons.

2. Use a knife to slice the fish's quilt longitudinally to the depth of the fish's spine.

3. Rub the whole body of the fish with salt and pepper and marinate for 15 minutes.

4. Salted fish into the plate, pour cooking wine, ginger placed on the fish.

In addition, after washing the fish, you can also remove the fishy smell with salt. If you fry it, you can fry it thoroughly, and you can add shredded ginger at the same time. If you stew it, you can fry the fish with a little oil, and then add cooking wine, water and seasonings.

Carp protein is not only high in content, but also good in quality. The digestibility and absorption rate of human body can reach 96%, and it can provide essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin D for human body. The fat of carp is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Therefore, eating more fish can lead to health and longevity. But when cooking, if you don't remove the fishy line from the carp, the taste is very bad. There is one on each side of carp's belly, which can remove fishy smell. There are two white tendons on the back of carp, which produce a special fishy smell. When washing the fish, the white tendons must be removed. After this treatment, the carp tastes delicious and has no fishy smell.