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What color to choose for toilet curtains? It turns out there's a lot of knowledge

What color to choose for toilet curtains? It turns out there's a lot of knowledge in addition to material selection, color selection is also a condition that can not be ignored. What color is good for toilet curtains? Let me give you some advice.

Curtain color creates space level

The sense of spatial hierarchy means that the overall collocation is clear-cut, harmonious and consistent, and does not appear abrupt. Only in this way can the quality and connotation of design be highlighted.

Toilet curtain color and the whole space tone to maintain a keynote or form a sharp contrast, so that it is easy to appear in the visual sense of spatial hierarchy. For example, the main color of the bathroom is black and white, so the curtain can choose high-grade gray, which is a perfect match.

According to the decoration style

Many people choose curtains according to their own preferences to determine, there is a certain risk, because sometimes I like the curtains and bathroom with uncoordinated, will greatly reduce the decoration effect of the toilet. If you keep the same decoration style? For example, the bathroom chooses Mediterranean style, and most of the bathroom sanitary ware is white, then you can choose blue curtains, dark blue and light blue are OK, because blue and white collocation is the most classic color collocation of Mediterranean style, which can not only make the overall tone of the bathroom consistent, but also create a romantic bathroom atmosphere .

According to geomancy

For those who believe in geomantic omen, they also pay attention to the selection of colors. For example, avoid red and purple, because the toilet belongs to water, and red and purple have the meaning of fire, so water and fire together, it is taboo. Another example is the shade of black, which makes the home very dark and humid, and makes the living environment dark and depressing. As far as geomancy is concerned, it covers the eyes of geomancy. It will make the family angry, rich and lucky.