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Cleaning and maintenance methods of ash wood advantages and disadvantages of ash wood

Identification of Fraxinus chinensis

Fraxinus mandshurica and Fraxinus mandshurica are both common solid wood flooring in the market. Fraxinus mandshurica is also called Fraxinus mandshurica, but it is different from the Fraxinus mandshurica flooring in the market. Many consumers are easily confused.

Fraxinus chinensis and Fraxinus mandshurica belong to Oleaceae. However, Fraxinus chinensis is mainly distributed in Europe and America, while Fraxinus mandshurica is mainly distributed in Northeast China. This is why Fraxinus chinensis is expensive and Fraxinus mandshurica is cheap. The properties of the two kinds of wood are similar, and the color is relatively white. The ash wood is milky white or slightly pink, and the color of the wood center varies from light brown to dark brown; the ash sapwood is yellowish white, and the heartwood is brown and slightly yellow. Fraxinus mandshurica is the most popular ash in the market, most of which are Russian Fraxinus mandshurica instead of North American Fraxinus mandshurica. The former is low in price and yellow in color, which is almost the same as the latter after bleaching.

Generally speaking, Fraxinus is imported from abroad, which needs to be proved. Some of the lighter color Fraxinus produced in China are also called Fraxinus. Therefore, Fraxinus can generally refer to all the wood of Fraxinus genus, that is, broad sense Fraxinus includes Fraxinus. It can be established to say 'Fraxinus' as' Fraxinus', but it is biased to say' Fraxinus' is' Fraxinus'.

Fraxinus mandshurica and Fraxinus mandshurica are similar in color and material, so they are called Fraxinus mandshurica. But in fact, there is a big difference between them. You should pay attention to them when you buy them.

Advantages and disadvantages of white wax wood


The cost of ash wood materials is relatively high, which is mainly due to some of the high quality characteristics of ash wood materials. Fraxinus is widely used in North America and parts of Europe in Russia. It has strong anti-corruption function. It is easy to cut and polish. Fraxinus furniture is one of the main production materials of American high-end furniture. Its texture is natural and beautiful. Its bark and fruit are used as medicine laxatives, and it can also extract black brown and blue dyes.

White wax wood furniture appearance is more beautiful, its gloss is very high; can be very clear in white wax wood furniture to see neat and crisscross wood grain, the surface of furniture products is very smooth, white wax wood material density is relatively high, strength and hardness is also very high, in the mechanical aspect is also very high, very suitable for making furniture, can be used for collection and display.


White wax wood furniture in our country only depends on imports, white wax wood this kind of solid wood material is very scarce, the source of raw materials is very difficult; white wax wood material drying performance is relatively poor, if not handled well, it will appear cracking deformation and other situations, will seriously affect the appearance and use; white wax wood furniture surface is easy to fluff, so in the production process requires extremely exquisite workmanship It's art.

Cleaning and maintenance methods of ash wood

White wax wood furniture is made of white wax wood. How about white wax wood furniture? Let's start with ash wood. Ash wood is grown in Russia, North America and parts of Europe. Ash wood is mainly used for the production of high-grade luxury furniture. This material is usually flat, with rough and uniform texture, good processing performance and excellent polishing. People often use ash wood to make high-grade furniture.

Ash wood is a very rare material, so we should pay attention to it in daily use. In the shortcomings of ash wood furniture, we said that the drying performance of ash wood materials is very poor, that is to say, we should pay great attention to this point in maintenance. In normal use, do not let the sun directly shine on the furniture, or directly pull the curtains; often use a wet, clean cloth to wipe the furniture; regularly apply maintenance oil to the furniture.