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How to clean the toilet exhaust fan

How to clean the toilet exhaust fan

Toilet exhaust fan is also called ventilator to ensure the air circulation of toilet. But after a long time of use, we should also pay attention to cleaning, otherwise it will easily become a health hazard. Let's talk about how to clean it!

Cleaning method of exhaust fan in toilet

When cleaning any electrified products, we must first ensure that the power is cut off, so as to achieve electromechanical separation. After the inspection, the cleaning procedure can be started

1. Dilute the neutral cleaning agent with a small amount of warm water and prepare it for standby.

2. Then twist the rear stop valve of the exhaust fan cover open and remove the cover easily.

3. For more internal fan blades, be sure to disconnect the circuit connection line before removing. Then remove the fan blade.

4. With a screwdriver, remove the chassis fixing screws and remove the chassis.

5. At this time, use electric tape to seal the wire head to avoid short circuit or electric shock.

6. The disassembled parts shall be cleaned with the prepared solution and soft cloth, and the parts that are not allowed to contact with water shall not be dipped in water.

7. After cleaning, we must pay attention to air drying, ensure that after drying and then install.

8. Generally speaking, clean the hood of the exhaust fan.

What does toilet exhaust fan clean notice

1. In the process of cleaning the toilet ventilator, first of all, pay attention to personal safety and turn off the power supply of the ventilator.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to distinguish the heavy and heavy parts during cleaning. The cleaning action of parts should be gentle and gentle. Do not press hard to prevent deformation of parts of exhaust fan.

3. Finally, when installing, pay attention to the correct steps of parts combination, do not install the wrong, leaving security risks.

4. The cleaning of the ventilator doesn't need to be done so frequently, about once or twice a month, which is not only conducive to the maintenance of the exhaust fan, but also can create a more fresh toilet environment.