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Cloth sofa dirty how to clean cloth sofa cleaning tips what I'm bringing to you today is a smart way to clean the fabric sofa. Let's hurry up and have a look.

How to clean the dirty fabric sofa

This problem has been bothering many friends who are using the fabric sofa. The fabric sofa is warm and comfortable, soft and gentle, which is very helpful to relieve physical and mental fatigue. But it is precisely because of these characteristics that its softness leads to its careful maintenance.

1、 Fabric sofa to avoid the sun

Hot summer, strong sunlight easy to make fabric sofa color fading, make it no longer bright, will accelerate the aging of fabric sofa, so try to avoid direct sunlight. It's better to put the sofa away from the sun. If not, it's good to use translucent curtains to block the sun. It can also add a sense of elegance to the room.

2、 Cloth sofa should not be placed against the wall

The fabric sofa in the home had better not be placed close to the wall, and the distance between the sofa and the wall should be about half a meter. This is for the convenience of cleaning the bottom of the sofa, and to avoid the dust on the wall falling on the surface of the sofa, or the moisture on the wall making the fabric sofa moldy. At least once a week on the fabric sofa dust, to carefully remove the dust between fabric structures, if not in place, not a long time fabric sofa will be very old, very ugly.

3、 Fabric sofa cushion should be turned over frequently

Once a week, turn the cushion of the fabric sofa over, because the surface wear caused by sitting and lying is evenly distributed, so that the local wear is not too fast, and the service life of the fabric sofa is prolonged.

4、 How to clean the stain of fabric sofa

If the fabric sofa accidentally stained with stains, you can take a clean cloth dipped in water to wipe, in order to avoid leaving a mark, it is best to wipe from the outside of the stain, velvet material sofa can not be dipped in water to wipe, must use dry cleaning agent. All cloth covers and bushes of cloth sofa must be dry cleaned, not washed or bleached. It will be noted in this manual. Here, I'd like to talk about two quick cleaning methods that have been verified by me.

1. Wet and wring the white towel until it doesn't drip. Spray an appropriate amount of all-round water on the towel. After it is emulsified, wipe the spots on the cloth surface. Then take a white soft brush and brush it gently along the direction of the cloth grain. The effect is more obvious. Then wipe it with a wet towel.

2. Dry cleaning method to clean the dirt of fabric sofa. Materials: 3 ml foam cleaner, cold hair dryer, and white cloth. Operation steps: shake the detergent thoroughly and spray it directly in the spot where it is stained. After 5 minutes, the cold wind from the electric hair dryer is blown to no bubble. Isn't it very simple? Go home and have a try.

This method has several aspects to pay attention to

A. Never use hot air from an electric hair dryer.

B, cleaning agents should not be too much, too much foam cleaning is not clean, will damage the fabric sofa fabric.

C. The cleaning agent should be removed in time, otherwise it will corrode the fabric and cause discoloration.

5、 Buy famous brand products for fabric sofa

The sofa is also made of cloth, but there will be no thread. So not only the bed, sofa also want to buy brand goods, all aspects of quality are guaranteed. In particular, fabric sofa, fabric and workmanship to be very particular about their own use comfortable, others look like. When receiving guests, the status of the sofa in the host's mind will be directly affected by the poor quality of the sofa.