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2018 second hand housing provident fund loan amount is how much down payment calculation method

2018 second hand housing provident fund loan line is how much Provident Fund loan is a kind of loan whose interest rate is lower than ordinary loan, so many house buyers prefer to use provident fund loan, but many house buyers can't calculate provident fund loan. Learn more about the amount of provident fund loan to buy second-hand house in 2018 and how to calculate the down payment. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

1. Loan ceiling

Generally, every city has a maximum limit of provident fund loan, and the amount of individual and husband and wife in some cities will be different.

For example, when buying the first suite in Nanjing, the maximum loan for an individual is 500000 yuan / person, and the maximum loan for a couple is 1 million yuan / household. Local provident fund centers will make adjustments to increase or decrease the amount according to their own lending conditions and business objectives.

2. Down payment ratio and house appraisal price

For second-hand housing, in addition to the maximum amount, the down payment ratio and the assessed price of the house will also affect the loan amount of the provident fund,

For example, the down payment ratio of the first housing loan in Beijing is 20%, and the loan limit for buying a house of 1 million is & le; 100-100x20% = 800000, so the loan limit of provident fund can not exceed the amount of the house appraisal price minus the down payment.

3. Monthly income

Some cities will calculate the amount of loans based on their monthly income and deposits.

For example, in Beijing, the maximum loan amount = (monthly family income - basic living expenses standard of Beijing) / monthly repayment amount of every ten thousand yuan of loan applied for

Among them, monthly income = individual housing provident fund monthly deposit & pide; housing provident fund deposit ratio

For example: monthly deposit is 2000 yuan, deposit ratio is 12%, monthly income = 2000 / 12% = 16667

The maximum amount of loan = (16667-1400) / 5672 = 2.69 million yuan, the maximum amount of provident fund is 1.2 million yuan, that is, the maximum amount of loan for Xiaoming is 1.2 million yuan

(the data of deposit proportion, monthly average repayment amount per ten thousand yuan loan and Beijing basic living expenses standard are from Beijing housing provident fund management center)

4. Deposit base

There are urban regulations that the total monthly principal and interest of provident fund loans should not exceed 50% of the deposit base.

For example, Shenzhen

1) Total monthly principal and interest of Mortgage & le; deposit base X50% (calculated by equal principal and interest)

2) If the husband and wife repay the loan together, the total monthly payment of principal and interest of the house loan & le; (main lender's deposit base + sub-prime lender's deposit base) X50%

5. Account balance and borrower's age

In some cities, the loan amount is calculated based on the balance and age of the lender's provident fund account.

For example, in Shenzhen, the loan limit is equal to the balance of provident fund account x14 times

Guangzhou: account balance & times; August + monthly deposit & times; months to retirement age

6. Building area

There are also cities that will use the floor area as the standard for assessing the amount of loans.

For example, in Beijing, for the first suite with a floor area of 90 square meters, the maximum mortgage is 1.2 million

For a house with a floor area of 90 square meters, the maximum loan is 800000 yuan