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Can use electric heater have radiation in winter

Electric heater is a household appliance used by many families in winter, especially for families with old people, children, pregnant women, and many friends who are afraid of the cold in winter. Electric heating is very convenient to use, and if the room is not very big, small electric heating will make the room warm like spring, so electric heating is very popular Welcome.

There are many careful friends will think that electric heating is a kind of electricity, but also a kind of household appliances, so electric heating will not have radiation, especially in families with pregnant women and children, on the one hand, it is more convenient to use electric heating, but also worry that if there is radiation, it will have an impact on the fetus, so let's learn about electric heating radiation related problems Content, hope to help your family.

Electric heating emits electromagnetic waves, which will affect the cell division of the fetus. If you really want to use it, it's better to be 1.5 meters away.

Household appliances are necessary household appliances for modern families. However, due to the fact that general household appliances are better at shielding radiation sources, it is unnecessary for expectant mothers to be too sensitive as frightened birds, and the best protection can be achieved within the allowable conditions. Therefore, expectant mothers should try their best to use electrical equipment reasonably during pregnancy, keep a safe distance and reduce radiation hazards; at the same time, they can choose electromagnetic radiation protective clothing. When buying protective clothing, you should clearly see the protection frequency range of the product description, and choose to buy according to your own requirements; in terms of diet, you should pay attention to eating more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and protein, and strengthen the body's ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.

We all know about the radiation problem of the electric heater. The electric heater is very hot when it is used, so don't let the body get too close to avoid scalding. In addition, many people will use the heat of the electric heater to put some things on the electric heater, such as towels, socks and so on, which will make the clothes dry faster, but it will be very dangerous. It is recommended that you try not to do so .