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Fujian autumn mountain climbing scenic spots recommend Fujian mountaineering tourism to which good

Enjoying autumn, climbing high and looking far, being able to enjoy mood and exercise, is an outdoor activity that people are very happy to do, so where is Fujian mountaineering tourism? What are the mountains worth climbing in Fujian? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian!

1. Fujian Wuyishan Scenic Area

Wuyishan, located at the junction of Jiangxi Province and Fujian Province, is a famous scenic spot and summer resort in China with a total area of 999.75 square kilometers. As a typical Danxia landform, it is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots. Wuyishan Nature Reserve is a well protected and species rich ecosystem in the same latitude of the earth, with 2527 plant species and nearly 5000 wild animals. Wuyi Mountain is a world cultural and natural heritage, a World Biosphere Reserve, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national key scenic spot, a national AAAAA scenic spot, a National Nature Reserve, a National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, a national eco-tourism demonstration area, and a national civilized scenic spot demonstration site.

2. Taimu mountain scenic spot

Taimu mountain scenic spot is located in Fuding County, Ningde City, Fujian Province. It is known as the "fairyland on the sea" with a total area of 100 square kilometers. Taimu mountain, Yandang Mountain and Wuyi Mountain have become tripods. Taimu mountain is a World Geopark, a national scenic spot and a national natural heritage. On October 11, 2013, the National Tourism Administration awarded 10 scenic spots including Taimu mountain as national 5A scenic spots. On October 3, 2010, at the UNESCO World Geopark review conference held on lesworth Island, Greece, Ningde Geopark, including Taimu mountain, was officially listed in the UNESCO World Geopark network list and won the title of 'Ningde World Geopark'.

3. Qingyuan mountain scenic spot in Quanzhou

Qingyuan mountain national key scenic spot is located in the southeast of Fujian Province, on the Northeast Bank of the lower reaches of Jinjiang River, bordering Quanzhou City on three sides. Qingyuan mountain national key scenic spot is one of the 18 scenic spots in Quanzhou, and it is also a national key scenic spot. It is composed of Qingyuan mountain, jiuri mountain and Lingshan holy tomb, with a total area of 62 square kilometers. Qingyuan mountain scenic area has a radius of 40 Li, the main peak is 498 meters above sea level, and Quanzhou city is dependent, attracting a large number of overseas tourists. Since ancient times, Qingyuan mountain national key scenic spot has been famous for its 36 caves and 18 scenic spots, especially Laojun rock, Qianshou rock, Mitha rock, Bixiao rock, Ruixiang rock, huruquan, Nantai rock, Qingyuan cave and Cien rock.

4. Guan Zhi Shan Scenic Area *

The bead rock of the front mountain is erect, with a * * like crown, and the ancient name of the monster. The legend is that the evil person touches the corner, and judges can judge the right and wrong according to this. The crown made of its image is called the "* * crown". It used to be the "imperial crown" used as a censor in ancient times, representing the image of strict law enforcement. Later generations changed the name of Lianfeng mountain to 'Guan Zhi Shan'. There are many famous natural landscapes in the mountain, such as cangyu gorge, dizhuyan, yixiantian, Wulao peak, lingzhi peak, zhaotianzhu, Lianhua cave, and some cultural landscapes, such as temples and academies, left over from the song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It belongs to Danxia landform, which is composed of Cretaceous red stone group. It has the characteristics of strange mountains, beautiful water, secluded valley and blurred cave.

5. Gushan Scenic Area

Gushan Scenic Spot is located in Jin'an District of Fuzhou, on the North Bank of Minjiang River, 7.5km away from the urban area. It is said that there are huge stones on the mountain like a drum. Whenever the wind and rain are strong, they will be bumped and there will be sound, so it is named. Among the numerous rock caves in the mountains, Xiaofeng, Baiyun, Shuiyan, Baiyun and Damo caves are the best. There are also Xidong canyons, such as eel Creek, Moxi Creek, Gushan Creek, and so on. Some of them are running down, some of them are flowing slowly, and eel Creek waterfall is even more spectacular. Typical canyons, such as shuishuiyan and Lingyuan cave, are called 'Valley in the valley'. On December 5, 2016, the National Tourism Administration announced that Gushan Scenic Spot was criticized.

6. Qingyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain scenic spot is located at the junction of Linglu Township, Yongtai County, Fujian Province and Hanjiang District, Putian City. It is a national AAAA key scenic spot and a national key scenic spot. Yongtai Qingyun Mountain scenic spot is an eco-tourism area integrating Canyon, forest, waterfall, ancient Huoshan pass, alpine pasture and Bird Nature Reserve. The main tourist attractions include Jiutian waterfall, Qinglong waterfall, Yuntian stone corridor, Alsophila Valley, Baima Canyon and Tianchi meadow scenic spot (China Yunding). On August 13, 2003, Yongtai Qingyun Mountain scenic spot won the honor of 4A scenic spot.

7. Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park.

Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park was approved as a National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot in 2015. Located in the northwest of Xiamen suburb, state-owned Tianzhushan forest farm is 36 kilometers away from Xiamen City and 35 kilometers away from Zhangzhou. Fuzhou Zhangzhou Expressway passes through from the south, so the traffic is very convenient. The total area of Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park is 2651 hectares, and the forest coverage rate reaches 96.8%. The tree species in the tree layer are mainly Pinus massoniana, with the landscape of Taimu mountain and the bamboo sea in tu'erling Bamboo Museum. Most of the peaks are more than 700 meters. The highest peak is 933 meters above sea level in Tianzhu Mountain, and the second peak is 916 meters above sea level in Xianling banner. In the area, there are 1 species of national first-class protected wild animals and 2 species of national second-class protected wild animals. The animal resources in the area are mainly birds, and the bird resources are relatively rich.

8. Gulangyu wanshishan scenic spot

Gulangyu wanshishan scenic spot is a famous tourist attraction in Xiamen. It is an AAAAA scenic spot. It is located in the south of Xiamen City, covering wanshishan, Gulangyu and part of Xiamen Bay. The whole scenic area has the characteristics of the west, such as Fujian island, overseas Chinese temple, rock and reef, and has a unique style. The scenic spot is dominated by granite geology, with exposed rock mass and boulders all over the place, with ravines and streams crisscrossed and crisscrossed. The coastline is changeable, beaches alternate with each other, and mountains, islands and seas set off each other. The plant landscape is rich and colorful, forming a subtropical island scenery.

9. Fujian Maoershan National Forest Park

Fujian Maoershan National Forest Park is located in Taining County, Sanming County, Fujian Province. It is close to the ten mile Pinghu scenic spot of Jinhu. It is a bright pearl on the dajinhu tourism line. The park covers an area of 2560 hectares. The main scenic spots are jinmaoshan scenic spot, Heming mountain scenic spot, Huangjiahu scenic spot and Pinghu scenic spot. Maoershan National Forest Park has built tourist roads, parking lots, cruise ship docks, main trails, park gates and management rooms in the scenic area, and its infrastructure has been continuously improved. At present, the park has the ability to receive 100000 tourists a year. The park is rich in tourism resources. The forest vegetation here is green and luxuriant, and the species are relatively rich. The peaks, rocks, waterfalls and springs have their own charm, and all kinds of human landscapes are fascinating. It can be said that there are many kinds of scenery, and the visibility is very high.

10. Fuan Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Fuan Baiyun Mountain scenic spot is located in the northwest of Fuan City, Fujian Province, from the north to the border with Shouning County. It is rich in landscape resources, mainly including unique geological wonders, beautiful mountain and Canyon scenery, wonderful and magical 'Buddha light' scenic spot, rare and diverse biological populations, and ancient and multi-source cultural heritage. It is divided into five scenic spots, namely Baiyun Jiulong Mountain, Jiulong cave, Longting gorge, Huanglan gorge and Jinzhong mountain are national scenic spots, national geoparks and world geoparks.