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Price list of Luzhou Laojiao crystal color special music

The Luzhou Lao Jiao crystal color version of the special song is a modern, fashionable Baijiu liquor catering to 80 and 90 after the taste of the needs of consumers. So, how much is Luzhou Laojiao crystal color version special song? Let's have a look.

Luzhou Laojiao crystal color special song price: 299.00 yuan

Net content: 500ml

Alcohol: 52 degrees

Type: Luzhou flavor Baijiu

Origin: Sichuan

Brand: Luzhou Laojiao Tequ

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Luzhou Laojiao Tequ is one of the famous liquors in China. It is famous for its unique style of 'mellow aroma, clear and sweet, long aftertaste, especially after drinking'. This wine is colorless and transparent, with strong cellar aroma, clear and sweet, especially fragrant after drinking, and long aftertaste. It has four characteristics of strong aroma, mellow, sweet taste and long aftertaste. The wine has three degrees: 38 degrees, 42 degrees, 52 degrees and 60 degrees.

Luzhou Laojiao Tequ liquor has a unique style. The key lies in the long fermentation age, which is a real Laojiao. The characteristics of the old cellar are that there are special structural requirements when building the cellar. After long-term use, the mud pool appears red and green color, the mud becomes soft, and produces a strange aroma. At this time, the fermented grains contact with the wine cellar mud, and the distilled wine also has a strong aroma. This kind of cellar can be called the old cellar.