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Mothers should not ignore the factors that affect children's height

Children's long body is the most important, which factors can affect the child's height? Let's have a look together~

Do these three points, no longer worry about children's growth retardation, growth is not high

1. Balanced and comprehensive nutrition

Many parents reflect that their children are picky and don't eat well, which can't guarantee their children's balanced nutrition. In fact, what we mean by balanced nutrition does not mean a balanced diet in a day. Not to mention children, it's hard for adults to match meat and vegetables in a day. They can eat several different kinds of fruits and vegetables, as long as the nutrition is balanced for a week or a month.

2. Normal gastrointestinal function

Some children clearly intake of adequate nutrition, but still appear symptoms of growth retardation. At this time, the family should pay attention to that the child may have gastrointestinal problems. Parents should observe whether their child has chronic diarrhea and whether there are undigested food residues in the stool. Have a good gastrointestinal, in order to ensure that children's daily intake of nutrition is absorbed.

3. Sleep and exercise

The most time of the day for auxin secretion is at night, which is the golden time for children's development. Parents should provide a good sleep environment for their children while ensuring that they have enough sleep time.

Parents should often play sports with their children in their spare time. For example, they should do morning exercises with their children in the morning, and let their children do more tiptoe movements. For older children, parents can accompany their children to play basketball, badminton, swimming, etc., not only for their children's growth and development, but also to promote the communication between parents and children.