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How to do when menstruation is always inaccurate? These points must not be ignored

Does it have any effect if aunt often delays or retreats? The following questions should not be ignored as a girl~

1、 Irregular menstruation caused by hormonal fluctuations

1. Because of pregnancy

If the female physiological period does not come, this is definitely the first part to be checked. Women's bodies produce different hormone levels during pregnancy, which can lead to the end of menstruation.

2. After menarche

It's normal for a girl to have regular menstruation after menarche for several years. After women's first menstruation, it will take some time for the hormones to become regular.

3. Menopause of women

When women reach menopausal age, hormone levels begin to change, which can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Also because of hormone changes, women's emotions will be affected, easy to ups and downs.

4. Dietary malnutrition

Dietary malnutrition can lead to abnormal menstruation. Whether it is lack of appetite or excessive appetite, these problems can lead to irregular menstrual cycle in women.

5. Intense exercise

Too much exercise and exercise can affect women's hormone levels and cause irregular menstrual cycles. That's why many athletes are often infertile.

2、 How to avoid irregular menstruation?

1. Eat a healthy diet

Abnormal diet, unhealthy, will affect the health of the body, including women's menstruation. Therefore, you should eat a healthy diet to keep hormone levels stable.

2. Reduce stress levels

Stress can also affect women's hormones, leading to endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, and even infertility. Therefore, you should reduce your stress level to prevent fertility problems.

3. Avoid excessive exercise

Proper exercise can maintain health, but excessive exercise can affect hormone levels. Therefore, you should exercise gently to avoid being too intense.

4. Keep healthy habits

If the health habits are bad, it may lead to infection or inflammation of the reproductive system, and then affect your menstruation, resulting in a variety of health problems, such as menstrual disorders, menstrual loss and so on.

5. Regular health examination

Regular health examination can prevent all kinds of health diseases. Therefore, you should have regular physical examination, especially mammography, endocrine system, cervical smear and so on.