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How to take off makeup easily in summer

Summer hot weather, easy to make the makeup off makeup, so how should we prevent off makeup? Let's take a look!

Powder to prevent off makeup, if the surrounding environment is not very hot, we can use the general powder set makeup. The fine particles in powder can help to control oil and keep makeup dry. And before painting our eyes, we can choose a smaller powder brush or halo dye to remove the powder and evenly spread it on the eyelids. This prevents sweating from oil and causes eye shadow to take off makeup.

Raincoat to prevent make-up removal domestic and foreign brands have launched eyebrow raincoat, eyelash raincoat, lipstick raincoat and other products, which can effectively prevent facial make-up removal Oh ~ draw eyebrows, brush head gently scrape twice at the bottle mouth to remove excess liquid, and then run across the eyebrow part at the speed of running, and then gently cover a layer in the eyebrow and eyebrow tail, and wait for it to dry. Eyelashes, lipstick and raincoat are the same. Brush them when they are dry.

The sandwich makeup method to prevent makeup is called the sandwich primer. After the skin care is isolated, thin layer of powder is first scanned, followed by liquid foundation and concealer, and then powder powder is applied again. After testing, this method of makeup is not easy to take off makeup, and it is very durable.

Baking makeup to prevent makeup is a popular method of makeup in Europe and America. After the foundation and concealer, the powder is covered with thick powder around the nose and wing. The thickness of powder is about moving, powder can fall off the kind of make-up feeling like polished smooth muscle, lasting and won't feel too dry.

If the skin is oily, it is recommended that you take oil absorbent paper with you. When the oil suction, this can indeed slow down the speed of makeup oh~

Makeup spray to prevent demakeup than loose powder, Xiaobian will recommend the use of fixed spray spray makeup. The makeup spray is good and has enough moisture, but be sure to spray enough.

Eye primer to prevent make-up from taking off. The eye primer introduced to prevent make-up from taking off can not only equalize the skin color of the eye skin, but also make the eye makeup more lasting. It is recommended that you squeeze out a mung bean sized eye primer and apply it on the eyelids before applying eye makeup.

Skin moisturizing prevent take off make-up, want the bottom make-up do not take off make-up, usually our skin must do a good job of moisturizing. Basic water emulsion is indispensable, but it is noted that moisturizing cream is recommended for you to choose the right cream.

Makeup mask to prevent makeup, in the case of plenty of time, you can choose a basic moisturizing mask or water film applied to the face for ten minutes. After washing, you can use skin cream such as essence and lotion directly, so that the skin moisturizing degree after nursing is enough.