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Can chicken skin be depilated? Which depilation method is more suitable

What's the experience of growing chicken skin on your body? Can chicken skin be depilated? Let's learn about it.

Can chicken skin be depilated? Chicken skin can be depilated, but we should pay attention to the method of depilation, it is recommended not to use depilatory cream for depilation, because depilatory cream has a certain stimulating effect on hair follicles and skin, for people with chicken skin, it may lead to inflammation of hair follicles. We can consider freezing point hair removal and laser hair removal, which are less irritating ways. Neither of these two ways will cause damage to the epidermis.

Is depilation useful for chicken skin? Chicken skin can be depilated, but depilation has no effect on chicken skin. Depilation is just for beauty and freshness. Chicken skin is caused by genes. It is the thickening of cutin around the hair follicle, which causes the mouth of hair follicle to be blocked by too thick cutin and form small protrusions. At present, there is no method that can completely cure chicken skin It can only be improved by some measures.

Chicken skin hair removal should pay attention to what people with chicken skin in hair removal, in addition to choose as mild as possible way of hair removal, but also pay attention to keep the skin and body hair clean before hair removal, after hair removal, it is best to apply aloe gel to calm the skin, prevent skin swelling, discomfort, clean after application, and then apply moisturizer, must maintain the moisture of the skin Otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms of chicken skin.

How to improve the chicken skin regular exfoliation: exfoliation is the key to improve the chicken skin, regular and gentle exfoliation, the best way is to use bath salt, also can use mild scrub, about once a month is enough.

Maintain moisture: chicken skin is very water and oil deficient skin, with the general moisturizer will not be enough moisture, but should use the special formula for extremely dry skin moisturizer sold in the pharmacy. Bath should also use moisturizing cleaning products.

Daub ointment: if the chicken skin problem is more serious, can topical retinoic acid, salicylic acid ointment, etc., once a day at night, long-term use, can reduce symptoms, make the skin surface smooth.