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What's the harm of laser hair removal? You should know when summer comes

As soon as summer comes, many girls begin to prepare for hair removal. It's time to show their arms and legs. Who is more beautiful than others? But do you know the harm of hair removal? Xiaobian will take you to know~

What harm does laser hair removal do to the body? Laser hair removal will not do obvious harm to the body, but there may be some slight side effects after hair removal. The reason for the slight side effects but no obvious harm is that the laser only works on the hair follicles (normal skin tissues will not absorb the laser), and the longer the wavelength of laser hair removal, the less inflammatory reaction will appear on the heated skin, so there will be some slight side effects. Usually, the effect of laser on the body can be recovered through the skin self-healing function, so there will be no long-term damage on the skin.

After laser hair removal, there may be local erythema in the body. During laser hair removal, there may be slight tingling, slight burning after operation, mild erythema and follicular papules in local skin. This is the skin getting hot after a long time of laser, and there is an inflammatory reaction caused by heat. Generally, it depends on the body's self repair function, and the symptoms can disappear within a few hours, which will not cause serious damage to the body The harm of environmental pollution.

After laser hair removal, the body may have pigmentation, and individual patients may have purpura, blisters, temporary pigmentation or hypopigmentation, which are the manifestations of mild inflammation of the skin after heating. According to the skin tolerance of each person, the performance is different, and most of them can recover in a few months.

After laser hair removal, the body may cause uterine contraction of pregnant women. Here, we need pregnant women to pay attention to that they can't do laser hair removal, because laser hair removal has the effect of converting laser into heat energy. In this process, the skin will have a tingling feeling, and pain stimulation may stimulate uterine contraction. Therefore, pregnant women are not recommended to do it.

Does laser hair removal affect the body's perspiration? After laser hair removal, it will not affect the normal perspiration of the body, because perspiration mainly depends on the sweat glands, and the opening of the sweat glands is not in the hair follicle. At the same time, laser hair removal is to sweep the hair follicle, which will not damage the sweat glands, so it will not affect the metabolism and perspiration of the human body.

After laser or intense light treatment, the remaining hair will not become blacker, but will become thinner and lighter, because the selected pulse width of laser hair removal only acts on the melanin in the hair follicle, not on the melanin in the basal layer of the skin. If it does not act on the melanin, it will not lead to blacker hair removal.

However, for people who have used shaving, plucking, depilation cream, wax paper depilation and other methods for a long time, their hair may gradually coarsen, harden and blacken, because friction may cause some wound pigmentation.

Laser hair removal is not suitable for who 1. Allergic or scar constitution, scar constitution and allergic constitution easy to leave hair removal sequelae.

2. For people suffering from skin diseases, hepatitis and other infectious diseases, laser hair removal may lead to the spread of the disease.

3. Blood diseases and coagulation disorders, because if there is a wound, the wound is difficult to stop bleeding.

4. In the menstrual period or pregnant women or lactation, the coagulation mechanism of these two kinds of people is weakened, leading to the extension of the recovery period of laser hair removal.

5. Take vasodilator drugs, anti arthralgia drugs, these two people do laser hair removal will lead to some complications.

6. For those who are allergic to hydroquinone or other bleaching agents, laser hair removal will have greater risks.

7. Within 6 weeks, other methods of hair removal were used, because multiple methods of hair removal would lead to the decline of skin barrier function, resulting in no effect of laser hair removal.

8. People with dark complexion are not suitable for laser hair removal, because the effect of hair removal is not good.

9. Minors are not suitable for laser hair removal, because the age is too young to do laser hair removal may be ineffective.