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How to match the split pants? Look at the fashionable style of the stars

are you still wearing flannel pants? Are you still wearing wide leg pants? These pants are out of fashion. Now the most popular one is split pants. Let's take a look at the split pants matching demonstration of star Daren street. It's not difficult to be fashionable. As long as you learn to focus on the key points and a little detail, you can improve your fashion more than a little.

Split pants sports leg split, and sports, this year's fire side stripe school pants style sports pants at that time, the design of side split makes it different from the 90's rustic, subtle changes are really different, star talent out of the street can't put it down. Split pants small leg like this kind of small leg split pants, just need a little bit of split design can make the pants become different. The slightly cut design not only adds a sense of design to the shape, but also shows fashion. It's not more accurate to describe wide leg pants by swaying posture. Moreover, the key is that a single wide leg pants is already very thin. In addition, there is no doubt that the beautiful leg lines are revealed by the side split design.

This year's popular wide leg jeans with fringe and split design are so fashionable that they can fly. Top half Pullover Sweater with wide leg pants, a pair of pointed low heel shoes also let you become the existence of street fashion can not be ignored. Split pants high split pants legs exaggerate a bit, you can choose a high split pants legs, not only fashionable, but also create a kind of illusion of split skirt, interesting shape at the same time can enhance the aura.