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This is a fashionable way to match with micro jeans

this year, it's very popular to wear micro bra pants. I feel it's a retro trend again. If you have a better figure, you can put on the pants to show your long legs. How can you match them to look better? Follow Xiaobian to learn about the fashionable features of the nine point micro pants + long coat and high waist micro pants, which shows its charm in the concentrated field of vision of large-scale tolerance of long coat. The nine minute micro pants + shirt will tie the shirt into the high waist micro pants, which is retro and playful. If you want to wear a retro style, knitted top and micro pants are standard.

It can also raise the waistline and lengthen the leg ratio. The mix and match of different materials also enrich the look texture of the whole body. This year, it seems that the matching of nine point micro pants suits is particularly popular. As long as the color is unified, the style and personality are no longer abrupt.