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Fresh blue and white should be worn in summer

the least refreshing color matching is the combination of blue and white, which is really the most suitable in summer. Let's enjoy the combination of blue and white with Xiaobian. Jiang Shuying's pajamas are full of style. The long coat is easy to walk, and the basic pattern of white T and nine point jeans are built inside, which is simple but full of style.

Ma Sichun chose a cool and provocative blue and white striped shirt with a pair of perforated jeans to create a sense of existence. White top + blue bottom

White T + blue skirt, entry-level white T + blue skirt is just beautiful, easy to control and difficult to make mistakes, easy to wear fresh temperament. White shirt + blue skirt, elegant workplace lady put on simple white shirt, clean and natural blue and white to get rid of the dull feeling of the office. White / blue dress

Dress is also the most provocative existence of spring, white / blue style makes you more natural, more comfortable, and of course more youthful. Blue top + white bottom

The combination of blue top and white bottom is also beautiful, but girls with fat lower body should pay attention to choose half skirt or wide leg pants, so as to avoid making white with inflated vision wear big and thick legs. After all, we are not allowed to be thin or beautiful enough.